NFL To Bucco Bruce Arians: Behave –

Gets a nastygram from the NFL.

So the suits led by NFL warden Roger Goodell have spoken. And it appears former Bucs Super Bowl-winning Coach Bucco Bruce Arians will heed their warnings.

The NFL had told Arians to behave on the sidelines, or else!

That’s the word from the creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio. Per an NFL source, Florio was told Arians received a letter from the NFL ordering him to mind his P’s & Q’s if he chooses to stalk the sidelines during Bucs games.

If Arians doesn’t behave on the sidelines, per Florio, the NFL may fine Arians, or worse, ban him from the field.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL sent a warning letter to Arians and the Buccaneers in the aftermath of Sunday’s incident.

Arians was properly in the bench area generally, but he was clearly in the white stripe reserved for officials, players, and coaches during the altercation. He also was clearly involved in the verbal aspect of the kerfuffle.

The specifics of the warning are not known at this point. Presumably, the Buccaneers face potential penalties during the game, and Arians faces potential Discipline in the form of a fine or possibly even a banishment from the bench area. Regardless, it probably won’t get to that.

How and why mouthy Marshon Lattimore gets off scot-free in this hassle is beyond Joe. Lattimore is the guy who sparked the melee by dogging the Bucs bench, which included Barking at Arians.

Joe thought that Lattimore’s act alone was worthy of getting flagged.

Joe remembers watching a game last year where Bears defensive end Cassius Marsh tackled Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and got flagged after the play for taunting when he mean-mugged the Steelers bench.

Marsh didn’t walk right to the Steelers’ bench and start woofing as Lattimore did. Yet nothing happened to Lattimore until after he and Mike Evans threw down.

The fact that Evans was suspended (he’s awaiting his appeal decision expected today) and Lattimore wasn’t is such a crock.


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