New Shokz OpenRun Pro: ‘the most advanced bone-conduction sports headphones yet’

Shokz has launched the OpenRun Pro, which the brand is claiming are its most sophisticated bone-conduction sport headphones yet. The new flagship model features improved tech over the older Shokz OpenRun, which we reviewed recently and scored 4.5 / 5, including enhanced bass, a 10-hour battery life, easier-to-use controls and a quick charge feature.

Although the name clearly suggests these headphones are aimed at running, we found this type is perfect for indoor cycling – which increasingly involves communicating with others via Discord – and the bone conduction technology means situational awareness is not compromised if you do want to listen to music while riding outdoors.

(Image credit: Shokz)

The Shokz OpenRun Pro bone-conduction headphones are specifically designed for sport: unlike traditional over-ear headphones, bone-conduction technology generates vibrations that travel through the cheekbones of the wearer from transducers in front of the ears. The vibrations go directly to the inner ears and bypass the eardrums. Surrounding traffic noise can be heard as normal, allowing the wearer to listen to music and take calls while taking part in sports.

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