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POTSDAM – Do you want to play golf without actually playing golf? Or shoot a gun without actually shooting a gun? If so, Potsdam’s newest bar, Big Shotz Golf, 22 Depot St., is the place to go.

“We’re a full-service bar as well as a golf and firearm simulator,” said owner Cameron A. Murray.

He emphasized that the simulations are not like video games, but rather Immersive real-life experiences.

He described the golf simulator as full-contact, and more along the lines of a trainer, because it can help correct your swing and presents all the statistics of your shot, including speed and degree at which you swing the club.

“Basically it trains you, but you can also play virtual golf for fun,” Mr. Murray said.

The golf simulator is $ 10 an hour per person. It features a 9-hole course and driving range.

The shooting simulator is also hyper-realistic, Mr. Murray said.

“The Guns are full-recoil, gas-powered, laser-red Simulator Guns. They’re the same weight as real firearms and are very Authentic. They are not toys or video games, ”they said.

It costs $ 35 for 30 minutes to shoot from a selection of Glock-19 Pistols or an AR-15, which they got can change between semi and fully automatic.

Aside from the simulators, the bar will also have foosball and pool tables and a dart board.

The heavy emphasis on entertainment options is purposeful.

“A lot of people go into bars now and there’s nothing to do,” Mr. Murray said. “Especially around here, since we lost the Bowling alley and other businesses to COVID-19, everybody was talking about how there’s just nothing to do, so that’s what motivated us.”

“Right now, we’re attracting a fun crowd that wants to do something,” he said.

“We’re doing hot dogs, chili-cheese dogs, frozen pizzas, pretzels, nachos, and soon we’re going to have breakfast sandwiches for early golfers,” he said. “We have beer, liquor and wine, and all the new favorites including a selection of IPAs and seltzer drinks, such as White Claws and High Noons.”

For those seeking fun without drinking alcohol, Big Shotz Golf sells coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The bar opened earlier this week, but will have a grand opening ceremony on Saturday, starting at noon.

“We are doing special things for the grand opening including giveaways and raffles,” Mr. Murray said.

He added that the simulators will all be open for free on Saturday so people can try them out.

There’s a $ 5 cover charge for the event. A barbecue food truck will be there from noon to 6 pm

The bar is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 2 am, and is Sundays from noon to 9 pm

For more information, visit Big Shotz Golf on Facebook.

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