New gaming venue opens in Peterborough with VR and seperate ax-throwing range

A new gaming venue with virtual reality entertainment and an ax-throwing range has opened in Peterborough.

The Angle Gaming Lounge, which opened on March 26, is understood to be ‘Cambridgeshire’s largest gaming venue’, according to the owner.

The Lincoln Road venue offers players virtual reality experiences, retro video games, pool and air hockey tables – with space to play card and board games.

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The ax-throwing range is owned by Adam McCarthy and Tiffany Collyer.

The venue, which is owned by Adam McCarthy and Tiffany Collyer of Angle Entertainment, also plays host to a new full-sized ax-throwing range.

It is the company’s second axis throwing range – following the popularity of sessions at it’s One Retail Park range on Eye Road.

“At uni I would go to places similar to what we’ve opened,” Mr McCarthy said.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger. It turns out this is a really good street for gamers.

Inside the Lincoln Road venue it has some retro gaming machines and VR headsets.

“We can seat well over 100 people. We offer all sorts of gaming – if you need a table we can do it. ”

The pair also opened Angle Escape at One Retail Park in March 2020 after they both worked part-time at escape rooms while at university.

Mr McCarthy first came up with the idea to create ax ranges during lockdown.

“The ax range is fun, active and really entertaining,” he said. “It started when I got bored during lockdown. I wanted a project – so I set up an ax range. ”

The venue can also seat up to 100 people to play board games.

Mr McCarthy said he wants to get the Angle Gaming Lounge registered with a games publisher called Wizards of the Coast.

His idea is to start hosting more tournaments and events at the venue.

“They handle Magic and Dungeons and Dragons,” he added. “If we could get them to recognize us we could start running proper tournaments – eventually moving to regional events.

“We’ve got the space to be one of the biggest venues going so we want to host big tournaments.”

Angle Gaming Lounge is open seven-days-a-week – from 10am until midnight.

Entry is free and ax-throwing ranges are available to book between Monday and Saturday from 10am until 10pm. On Sundays timings differ from 10am to 5pm.

One hour ax-throwing sessions are priced at £ 15 per person. Each ax-throwing lane can fit up to six people – but larger groups can be accommodated across several lanes.

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