NBA 2K23 Classic Quest Trivia Answers

As NBA 2K23 players progress through the story mode they will encounter Herschel and Edgar. Solidifying the takeover of all 3 main districts, gamers must answer a series of trivia questions about all things NBA. Here are all the NBA 2K23 Classic Quest answers and questions.

Classic Quest Trivia

To unlock the Classic quest, players must play through the story mode to unlock this mission. More specifically they need to make progress on the Welcome to the League quest. Once gamers reach a certain point they can meet up and find Herchel and Edgar. Both of the NPCs will be playing chess. Interrupt their match and a scene will be unlocked where MP will begin to sit with Edgar and Herschel. They will test the player’s knowledge of the NBA with trivia basketball questions. The answers to the NBA 2K23 Classic Quest Trivia are as follows:

How many championships did Bill Russel win?
Answer #1: 11.

Which team has lost the most NBA Championships?
Answer #2: Lakers.

Which player was taken number one overall in the 1998 NBA Draft?
Answer #3: Michael Olowokandi.

Upon answering all three of Edgar and Herschel’s questions the players will receive MVP Points, VC, and will be one step closer to completing the quest as a whole. To even unlock the opportunity for players to meet Edgar and Herschel, players will need to have dominance over the three districts. The Fashion District, the Business District, and the Music District. Only then can players gain access to the Classic Quest Trivia

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