Mooresville HS soccer team holds ‘Pink Out’ in support of player’s mom battling breast cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Typically when we think of a sports team, we think about playing on the field, but tonight, we saw that the word “team” can sometimes extend far beyond that

Tonight, the Mooresville HS Blue Devils turned pink and Mooresville became team Quiñtero

“It means a lot, I really didn’t expect this many people to come out here.”

A pink out for the varsity soccer game against South Iredell, a chance to support a mom who had a different seat to watch her son on Thursday.

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“(long pause) it’s amazing to see all these people coming and supporting my wife.”

Tania Quintero has watched from the stands as three boys grew up and played soccer at Mooresville and five years ago, she received a devastating breast cancer diagnosis

Even through cancer, she never missed a game. But two weeks ago, her health took a turn, sending her to hospice care.

“Last week, she was perfectly fine, able to walk. But now, she’s struggling just to get up.

For me I’m used to seeing her smile every time, but now… it’s just hard to wake up in the morning and see her like that.”

Last week, Mooresville soccer coaches Paul Kikta and Susie Hudson came up with an idea for tonight’s game.

“Coach and I were just talking about how much we would love for Ivan to have a senior night,” Mooresville girl’s soccer Coach Susie Hudson said.

“Because I want his mom here. There’s no guarantee in life that anybody’s gonna be here. I wanted to make sure that she was here for his senior night,” Mooresville boy’s soccer Coach Paul Kikta said.

A senior night a year early for Ivan Quintero, and a chance to show him this community is in his corner.

“It’s crazy, crazy how many people can come through. Hopefully, my mom sees all these people here to support her, and it helps her with this battle.”

And a chance to play again for his biggest fan.

“There’s nothing better. Nothing better at all than to see a mom watch her son. And know that he’s gonna be okay.”

And not that scores matter on a night like this, but Mooresville did win this one 5-0. So, team Quintero got a win both on and off the pitch.


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