Monroeville Arts Council hosts second show of Comeback Concert Series

It’s Dec. 4, Community College of Allegheny County Boyce Campus’ Auditorium filled with music, laughter and dancing during a concert Hosted by the Monroeville Arts Council.

The show was the second in the council’s Comeback Concert Series of 2022, named so because of its return following a pandemic-related hiatus.

The show started at 4 pm with singer and pianist Judy Figel and her drummer, Jeff Montgomery, performing 13 numbers. The songs were a mix between festive holiday numbers and some of Figel’s favorites.

Figel and Montgomery interacted with the crowd in between songs and Figel’s infectious energy soon spread. During a lively performance of “We Are Family,” audience members danced and sang along. Some moved throughout the aisles of seats to dance with other guests.

The singer put unique twists on some holiday numbers including performing a classic version of “Jingle Bells” followed by a jazz version of the tune.

“Now I’m going to rap it,” Figel quipped.

Her performance lasted for the first hour of the concert. During intermission, parents and family members of The East End Kids Troupe filled the auditorium. Before their performance began, Vera Perry, president of the Monroeville Arts Council, took to the podium to thank everyone for attending.

She then introduced The East End Kids. The teen performance group presented 23 fully choreographed holiday numbers, including classics like “Frosty the Snowman,” “Must Be Santa and” My Favorite Things.” Their performance was complete with outfit changes matching each song they sang.

The group earned a standing ovation from the crowd. Perry took the podium once more to thank everyone for attending. She also directed people to the table at the entrance for MAC member applications.

“Before you leave, because we do need your support to keep doing concerts and doing the things that we propose to do in the community, take a moment, get an application and be a part of the Arts Council,” said Perry. “You don’t have to draw. The only thing I can draw are stick figures, but I’ve been president of the Arts Council for a while and I would like to have more support from the community.”

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Hayley Daugherty is a contributing writer.

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