“Money and Fame Don’t Mean Sh**”: Former NBA All-Star Opens Up on the “Darkest Moments” in His Life

A few years ago, the sky was the limit for former NBA All-Star John Wall. He had five straight All-Star Appearances and an All-NBA selection as well. But then he suffered multiple injuries, which caused him to miss a ton of games. And Wall also had to deal with some of the Darkest Moments in his life and he opened up about how he felt during that time.

Wall was arguably one of the best point guards in the NBA. He was the leader of the Washington Wizards and they were one of the contenders in the East at the time. But in 2018, Wall suffered a knee injury that sidelined him for two months. And in 2019, he suffered a heel injury that sidelined him for the season.


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Furthermore, he fell in his home and ruptured his left Achilles tendon, which caused him to miss the next season as well. And he finally returned in December 2020 after he was traded to the Houston Rockets. But here also he had to miss half a season with another injury.


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And the Houston Rockets and Wall came to an agreement in 2021, and Wall sat out the entire season. They reached a buyout agreement in the off-season and Wall later signed with the Los Angeles Clippers.

John Wall opened up about his injuries and the death of his mother

Dealing with so many injuries would surely take a toll on anyone, and Wall was no different. Along with that, he had to deal with the death of his mother. They went on’The Players Tribune‘ and he opened up on how this affected his mental health. Wall said, “It took a while, but I eventually reached out to somebody in my Circle and said the most important words you can say… Yo! I need some f*****g help!’ Those six words changed my life.”


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“I know how lucky I am. I know what it’s like to be hungry. All I can tell you is that when I was in my darkest moments, the money and the fame were the furthest things from my mind. Money and fame don’t mean s**t if you don’t have peace in your life.”


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John Wall has undoubtedly been through a lot, but he is rare to go with the Clippers. The Clippers have one of the deepest squads in the NBA and are one of the favorites to win it all. And they have a hungry John Wall who is eager to prove his doubters wrong.

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