Millay Arts introduces the FollyFields Residency in partnership with Hawthorne Valley | Local Announcements

AUSTERLITZ — Millay Arts announces the Premiere of its new FollyFields Residency, a partnership with Hawthorne Valley that features a contemporary artist creating site-specific work at Hawthorne Valley Farm. In addition, the Artist-in-Residence will present a range of arts experiences for all ages at Hawthorne Valley kicking off this Sept. 23 under the Farm Store pavilion, as well as Sept. 24 during the Farm Store’s MAKERS MARKET and Oct. 8 during Hawthorne Valley’s Roots to Renewal 50th Anniversary Celebration. There will be a closing party on Oct. 15.

Selected by Hawthorne Valley staff, this year’s Artist-in-Residence is Patty Harris. Based in Brooklyn, Patty’s public art projects have been featured in Berlin, Warsaw, the Rockaways, Staten Island and Central Park, NYC. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Bridging Communities Through Socially Engaged Art, Rockaway Tales (Routledge Press, 2019) and in Geographies of Justice (Art Place Journal, Volume VI, Issue III, May 2021).

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