Look: Football World Reacts To NFL Officiating’s Sunday Announcement – AthlonSports.com

The Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills are competing in the Divisional round amid considerable snow at Highmark Stadium.

The inclement weather has already had a significant mark through the game’s Midway point, as Ja’Marr Chase was unable to hold onto a touchdown pass that would be overturned into an incompletion.

The game’s conditions prompted the NFL’s officiating account to remind fans about what players and officials are and are not allowed to do to clear snow from the field.

“The grounds crew may legally remove snow from the goal lines, sidelines, end lines and hashmarks,” the account tweeted. “They may not clean off areas where Kickers and/or holders will be setting up for attempted kicks. Individual players may assist in clearing these areas using only their hands or feet.”


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