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It was a cold night game for the Granite Hills Grizzlies and Lindsay Cardinals boys soccer teams. The Cardinals took the game 5-4 after a solid Athletic display and double overtime.

The game started with a fast possession by the Cardinals that was brought down the field with a Lightning play. This brought the Cardinals Alex Vargas and Gabriel De La Fuente around the Grizzlies goal.

Vargas sent the ball over to De La Fuente who moved down the field before passing to Luis Medina. Medina got a great angle and slammed the ball into the Grizzlies net, barely more than five minutes into the game.

The Grizzlies didn’t have any response for the second Cardinal goal. The Grizzlies keeper came way out onto the field which allowed the Cardinals RJ Bourquez to send home another conversion for the Cardinals.

With the game now 2-0 the Grizzlies had to start responding and did so with gusto. A fine press by Grizzly Jose Pineda was passed over to Oswaldo Aldaco while they moved into the Cardinals territory. Aldaco moved through two Defenders before passing over to Cristian Magana. Magana held on for just a moment before he passed back to Pineda, who took a shot but it was stopped.

Alder Morales for the Grizzlies kept up with the ball and moved in to Steal it away from the Cardinals possession. Morales nabbed the ball and then sent it spinning over to Anthony Rodriguez. Rodriguez only had a second but he slammed the ball into the Cardinals goal.

Now on the board the Grizzlies found their groove and started hitting play after play. A fast save by the Grizzlies keeper Elijah Gonzalez, was followed by a fast throw over to Morales. Morales moved down the field and looked to get the kick but he was fouled by the Cardinals. The free kick didn’t connect but Morales made a mad dash to the ball and sent it in for a goal, right between multiple Cardinal defenders.

The game was tied and the Cardinals were on their back foot. A long play from the Grizzlies sent Yahir Ramos deep into Cardinal territory. Ramos sped by two Defenders before he hammered the ball past the Cardinals keeper into the net for the lead.

Without missing a beat, Aldaco followed his teammate and made a steal from the Cardinals. Aldaco didn’t have anyone to stop him as he sprinted down the field and then fired the ball off into the Cardinals net, giving the Grizzlies a 4-2 lead.

The Cardinals were on it though and they didn’t give up. Andres Perez had control of the ball and moved it down the field with Chris Lemus and Miguel Gutierrez in tow. Perez had a nice shot thanks to his teammates and he nailed the goal. A foul from the Grizzlies is what allowed the Cardinals the attempt at their fourth and tying goal. Perez aimed carefully and secured the shot.

Overtime went quickly as both teams scrambled for the lead. Back and forth they fought but no goal was gained. Until, Borquez got the ball for the Cardinals. Borquez formed with his teammates and split the Grizzly defense in half. Borquez scored for the final margin of the game just before the overtime ended.


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