Life is Beautiful 2022 brings fresh art to the Streets of Downtown Vegas

Once again, Life is Beautiful is presenting a robust visual arts program alongside its music, culinary and comedy offerings, and once again, it promises to leave a prettier Downtown Las Vegas in its wake.

This year’s international art program, once again co-curated by LIB and “global creative house” Justkids, continues the festival’s tradition of building-sized works by international artists. Netherlands-based Leon Keer, renowned for his “anamorphic” street work, will create a Massive 3D mural. Seattle’s Neon Saltwater is working on a dreamlike environment that, judging by her previous works, will be rich in light, color and “nostalgic Architectural detail.” Singapore-based studio Space Objekt, in collaboration with Berlin artist Reza Hasni, is creating an immersive “wonderland of lights.” Additionally, Abram Santa Cruz, Ashley Ramage and Mathew Rosenblatt are working on some visual surprises.

And local artists are making a huge showing at Life is Beautiful this year. The mural program includes works by Michael Dodson, Krie, Gui Lemes and Cerissa Lopez, as well as LIB Veterans Snipt and Eric Vozzola. Plus, Elliott and Jessica Demlow, Travis Jackson, Melanin Girl Culture, Mila May and Pretty Done will be on hand to create live art.

For more information on Life is Beautiful’s 2022 mural and arts program—or to get the tickets you need to see it firsthand—visit

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