Le Fronde, golf in Classroom with the history

There is excitement in Piedmontese golf. Particularly busy is the Le Fronde club, 18 holes in Avigliana (Turin), seventy hectares at the entrance to the Val di Susa. Even in these parts there is an attempt to bring golf into the class to make it known first and then appreciated.

But the club and the Masters Luca Colombari and Simone Minuto of “Le Fronde Golf School” did it differently. The teachers launched the “18” project which this year involved fourth and fifth primary and three middle school students in the municipality of Buttigliera Alta (the school complex, among other things, is located thirty meters from the club).

The novelty lies in the fact that the golf Lessons in the Classroom were not practical but Theoretical. A typical plant of the Val di Susa, a monument of the province of Turin or a principle of Civic education was combined with each hole of the Fronde course in the Classroom.

Then, during the two hours dedicated, the golf Masters talked about swing and fairways, botany, art and history.

Le Fronde, statements

“The Professors were enthusiastic – they say from the Piedmontese golf school – and next year we will do an encore, changing topics associated with the holes.

We plan to introduce Nutrition and lifestyles ”. With the arrival of summer, we move from theory to practice. In May, the children involved in “18” will set foot in the club for Lessons of about two hours. They will see the course they learned about in class and above all they will experience the thrill of the driving range and a golf hole.

Not bad right? The initiative can be exported to any other club. The important thing is to enter the Italian school. An enterprise that at the Fronde has been successful and which is bearing fruit. Youth activity in Avigliana goes by the name of the Dynamite Team, a way to make an individual sport such as golf to become a team.

At the first lesson, shirts and T-shirts are distributed to be worn in the competitions between Clubs, perhaps in the matches in Turin and at the Roveri. Last year, the “Saranno Famosi” circuit was organized with other clubs in the area, Liguria and Val d’Aosta.

This year there is an encore, with the final in Cavaglia. We should not be surprised if in these parts the summer golf campuses really work: in June “Summer Boys” kicks off, where young people (9-14 years) spend their days at the club between golf and preparatory training.

Thus the young people enrolled in Le Fronde have increased considerably: in all they are about seventy, of which 38 are already qualified for the competitions and 12 are babies. The future of golf starts from the school, it is useless to go around it.

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