Laredo archer Gilbert Garcia Jr. honored by Webb County after becoming 2022 Texas Field Archery Association Indoor State Champion

Gilbert Garcia Jr. was honored this week by Webb County with a plaque as he was recognized for his skill in the field of archery.

After becoming the 2022 Texas Field Archery Association Indoor State Champion in Roanoke, Texas, Garcia talked more about what’s next for him.

In March, Garcia spoke with LMT about the tournament and his history with archery. In that report, he outlined how he had been shooting since he was 3 years old and how he worked hard at the sport. Through those years, the tournament and his county’s recognition, he was joined by his parents Gilbert and Crisela Garcia.

Moving forward, Garcia said he will move to compete outdoors, where his father said he will shoot from 60 yards for his division.

Garcia competed against 400 archers, with Shaun Stone as his direct rival. The matchup was a tense showdown between the talented archers including perfect streaks and Garcia shooting at the incorrect target which gave his opponent a clear shot at victory.

“It was more special,” Garcia said. “I had to earn more. Especially with high school – it got more busy with homework – this one I had to earn it more. ”

Garcia shot his personal best on the first day of the event at the tournament. He explained he had to compete in four prior tournaments to qualify for the TFAA tournament.

Garcia was lauded for his archery career by Commissioner John Galo this week as county commissioners highlighted the achievement and detailed how unique the sport of archery is locally.

The recognition turned toward the tool of his trade, which Garcia explained he used a Prime Nexus compound bow. This hosts a bevy of features that perhaps only experienced archers can appreciate and understand, which is why a 2021 Prime Nexus 4 compound bow from Lancaster Archery Supply is worth approximately $ 1,000.

According to USA Archery, their mission is to provide the necessary resources to foster strong athlete participation, competition and training in the sport of archery. They sanction over 200 events annually, including indoor, outdoor, collegiate national championships and the United States Archery Team Qualifier Series. They were formed in 1879 to foster and promote the sport as well as certify archery instructors, coaches and judges.

Another proud fact was Garcia was coached by his father, who while he said he was not a level coach, he trained his son the way he learned. Despite the competition – like Stone, who had the resources to be coached professionally – Garcia’s time with his father in their backyard took him to the top.

“When he went to turn in his 300 to the president of the association… he tells him,‘ Son, you didn’t write the name of your shop, ’and (Garcia) looks at me and I look at the man and… I’m like, ‘He doesn’t have a shop,’ ”Crisela Garcia said in March. “And he looked at me and he’s like, ‘He shoots in the backyard?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, he shoots in the backyard.’ And (he asked), ‘And he got a 300?’ So that’s in and of itself… that’s why we’re so proud of him. ”

The commissioners capped off the recognition by saying Garcia is a prime example of Laredo’s skill and may play a large role in shaping and inspiring a new generation of Laredo archers. Commissioner Jesse Gonzalez said his level of competition will take him to new locations and heights, as commissioner Cindy Liendo said she was grateful for Garcia and his contribution to the county.

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