Kathmandu edition of Kalinga Literary Festival in October

The Kathmandu edition of the Kalinga Literary Festival is scheduled to be held in October.

The Kalinga Literary Festival, which has been conducting annual international literary festivals in Bhubaneswar, India, is being held for the first time in Nepal under the theme, “India & Nepal: Journey of Civilizations and Search for the Soul”.

The two-day event to be held on October 15 and 16 is aimed at strengthening the cultural dialogue, religious as well as literary perspectives and prolonged relations between Nepal and India, according to the organizer.

“Kalinga Literary Festival Kathmandu will showcase literature, music, dance, Poetry and other art forms. It will be a lifetime experience for lovers of literature, music, dance, art, and poetry, among others. The festival will celebrate the long-standing ties between Nepal and India in the context of the Emerging global cultures,” said Rashmi Ranjan Parida, founder and director of the Kalinga Literary Festival, in a statement on Wednesday.

Over 30 noted writers and cultural figures from India are expected to join the event which will have 70 percent of the speakers from Nepal, said the organizer.

The festival will focus on spirituality, art, culture, Shiv Tatwa, Ram Katha, Buddha, and the promotion of Nepal and India’s historical relationship, according to the statement.

“We plan to celebrate the great literary, spiritual, and cultural traditions of Nepal, among other aspects alongside the themes of Shiva and Buddha Tatwa and its contribution to South Asia. The festival will have panel discussions on literature, art, culture, and history, and showcase artistic traditions from Nepal and India,” said Ranjana Niraula, director and co-coordinator of Kalinga Literary Festival-Kathmandu, in the statement.

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