Just Eat delivery rider filmed cycling along motorway near infamous junction

This is the moment a Just Eat delivery rider was filmed cycling along a busy motorway near the infamous Spaghetti Junction. Motorist Matthew Bowater, 43, spotted the man pedaling on the hard shoulder of the M6 ​​near Birmingham on Sunday (March 6).

Matthew, from Birmingham, called police after his dashcam recorded the rider as he made his way along the 70mph stretch of motorway at 3.15pm. He said: “I was traveling up the M6 ​​North and was just singing along to some music.

“Then, I spotted the delivery guy cycling on the motorway. At first, I had to think what road I was on. It completely threw me.

“For a split second, I had to tell myself, yes I am on the motorway. I was more concerned about the safety of the cyclist to be fair, because it is a busy stretch of the motorway after the Spaghetti Junction.

“I got off at Junction 7, which is Great Barr, and rang 101. All that was going through my head was that there is normally a big queue time for 101. Thankfully, I got through pretty much straight away.

“I should not laugh, but I was trying to explain to them that what I had just witnessed and seen. I was giving them marker posts of where he was and where he might be now.

Matthew said he had never seen anything like it and called 101 straight away

“They did not believe me at first. They were in disbelief. The call handler thought I was saying there was a lorry driver I was on about at first.

“When the penny dropped, and they realized I was on about a cyclist, they said ‘we best get someone on this right away’. After that, I found out that an unmarked police car had pulled him over to make it safe.

“The only thing I can think is that maybe he has taken a wrong turn and realized that he can not turn back so just carried on. I do not know. He might have come from the Aston Expressway.

Aerial view of the traffic on Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham
Aerial view of the traffic on Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham

“He could not have known the Highway Code either, that is another possibility. You see them cycling around the city center but not on the motorway. It was bizarre.

“My friend, who works for the Highway Code, said ‘not another one’ when I told him. Apparently, it happens quite frequently.”

Later on in the day, an unmarked police car had stopped the cyclist further up the motorway.

In a social media post, Just Eat said: “Hi Matthew, thanks for flagging. Most delivery drivers delivering food to customers’ doors are employed directly by independent restaurants.

“We do work with third-party courier companies, agency couriers and self-employed independent contractors in certain areas.

“We hold ourselves to the highest standards and in line with these, we would expect all drivers associated with Just Eat to act responsibly and respectfully at all times.

We are investigating this, please do send a DM if you have any further details to share.


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