JHS archery tournament shows success

Feb. 27 — After a year off thanks to the pandemic, the Kaminsky Classic Archery Tournament returned to Joplin High School earlier this month.

This is a great event, this year drawing 47 schools and more than 800 archers to Joplin for competition.

It offers not only a chance for hundreds of students to show off their skills, but it also allows JHS students the opportunity to get experience running a tournament.

Archery is one of those sports where athletes test their physical skills as well as their mental focus. And it seems as though the Joplin team has figured it out in terms of coaching and working with one another in the pursuit of improvement.

“The Joplin archery team is willing to help you instead of just leaving you to figure it out on your own,” said sophomore Skylar Low, who initially got into archery as a child hunting with bows. “To me, that really meant a lot.”

Congratulations to the team for your successes, and to all who competed last weekend.

Telemedicine program

Speaking of successes, a new telemedicine partnership between Joplin Schools and Freeman Health System looks to be one.

By the end of this year, a telemedicine health unit will be up and running inside every Joplin school building’s nurse’s office. The first site launched last week at McKinley Elementary School.

Having the mobile telemedicine carts in every school building will “keep our students and teachers in the classroom, reducing the number of school days missed due to illness or injury,” Superintendent Melinda Moss said. The overall benefit “is to keep the children and staff … healthy.”

This will be a great option for pupils who fall ill during school hours, parents who cannot leave work to pick them up, and teachers and staff who need a consultation without leaving their building.

Families and employees will surely make good use of it.

Thanks to workers

Once again, for at least the third time this winter in this space, we salute the emergency workers, first responders, utility linemen, snow plow drivers and all others who worked tirelessly last week to make sure that the rest of us weren’t too badly affected by slick roads and potential power outages.

Perhaps the arrival of March this week will signal the start of springtime weather. At least that’s what’s in the forecast.

We’re ready for sun and warmer temperatures, and we’re sure you’re ready for a break from your cold-weather work.

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