Jets WR Garrett Wilson Named NFL’s Pepsi Zero Sugar NFL Rookie of the Week

Wilson delivered in critical moments catching two passes on the final drive and converting three third downs in the game.

“He is a dynamic football player,” head coach Robert Saleh said after the game. “We all know that. He is still trying to find his footing. The sky is the limit. I thought he did a really nice job today. Obviously, he has a couple things that he needs to clean up, especially there in the fourth quarter, but again he showed resolve. He got that big touchdown at the end. He’s going to be a stud for a long time.”

Flacco targeted Wilson a team-high 14 times. Since 2000, Wilson is one of 27 rookies with a 14+ targets in a game and one of seven to do it in the first two weeks of the season.

“I’m really happy for him, and a lot of the guys on our team,” Flacco said. “We’ve known that the lights aren’t too big for him, that he has already grown up and is capable of playing in this league. But, you really aren’t going to have people be able to say that about you until you win football games. So, that is why winning is so big in this league. It just cures all those things, all the issues you have. No matter how the outcome or how this game turned out, those things are all true. But nobody cares, and rightfully so, that is why winning is so big.”

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