Jack Lorri was a special one the as Notre Dame basketball radio voice

It may have been baked chicken at XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Or a breakfast buffet at Capital One Arena in downtown Washington. Then there was always the sausage and peppers in Madison Square Garden during the Big East Tournament.

Usually free and rarely very good, those pre-game media meals never really mattered. What did was the company kept when you spent so many days and weeks and months over the years traveling the Notre Dame men’s basketball beat.

Another pre-game meal in another arena in another East Coast city somewhere usually meant more time to sit with long-time Irish radio play-by-play voice Jack Lorri.

Separate from arenas, we’d often find other places on the road to share meals, and our stories. Like a corner hoagie shop along Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh. Or the long-since-gone Sam and Harry’s Steakhouse in DC And the also-shuttered Grimaldi’s, an Italian restaurant near nothing but the New York Thruway in Syracuse.

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