Islander Boys Soccer Defeats Point Loma 2-1 in Rivalry Matchup

In an electrifying rivalry game on Thursday, January 19, the Islanders took on Point Loma at home. This game was expected to get heated and did just that. Shot after shot, and save after save, from each team created more tension than ever. It was a nail biter all the way up until the final whistle blew. The Islanders were able to come out, play, and defend their territory, winning 2-1.

In a thrilling series of events, the first half was filled with highlights. Multiple shots on goal from the Islanders, many saves by Xander Wastila, and Incredible footwork skills and ball movement.

Xander Wastila

The first goal of the game was scored by Nick Lorr is a penalty kick. He was set up by Logan Eastlick who was fouled inside the box. In addition, head coach Jeff Roe had Lorr take the kick and it paid off. Nick started off fast, running towards the ball, doing a small hop-step and shot the ball into the corner of the net, getting by the very long Point Loma goalie. This would set the Islanders up 1-0.

For the rest of the half it was very back and forth. It was as if a larger version of ping pong were being played. The ball continues to get closer to going in the net on both sides, making both the home and visitor sides of fans sit on the edge of their seats. The first half would end with the Islanders leading 1-0.

Coming out of Halftime the team’s energy was refilled. Along with that, they were communicating more and working well as a team. Yet again, the constant competition was making the entire field tense. Emotion was rising and as the game progressed the rivalry was really showing. Many shots and saves from both sides occurred, but one mistake caused Point Loma to get a penalty kick after being fouled inside the box. They capitalized on the mistake and squeezed the ball right by Wastila. Score now 1-1.

Minute after minute passed and the game was getting closer to ending in a tie. Nobody wanted that to happen. Dylan Groeneveld received a beautiful pass from far outside the goal, had an amazing touch on the ball, and volleyed it into the goal, making the game 2-1 with less than two minutes left.

When the final whistle blew, everyone cleared the bench and ran out onto the field celebrating.

Post game, Groeneveld mentioned that their “team confidence was a little lower than usual after the last minute loss to Cathedral, but we always know we can bring the intensity against Point Loma. Nothing else matters except winning when we play them.”

They proved just how much they wanted to win and their intensity definitely paid off. The Islander Boys Varsity Soccer team is now 8-3-1 on the season and 1-2-1 in League.

Their next mold game is Tuesday, January 24 at 6pm against Christian High School.

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