Is This the Most Bizarre Episode of Birdie Wing: Golf Girl’s Story Yet?

The following contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Birdie Wing: Golf Girl’s Story, “Vipère,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.In Episode 4 of Birdie Wing: Golf Girl’s Story, “Vipère,” Eve experiences her wildest battle yet in an effort to repay the mafia for getting her into a recent international golfing tournament. Eve is escorted to a mob-operated subterranean golf course, which can change into a plethora of different environments with a press of a button. However, this is not the only hurdle that Eve must overcome. Vipère the Reaper, a well-known figure within the illegal golf scene, is not only Talented but also has a few Tricks up her sleeve to throw Eve off of her game.

Birdie Wing has already treated viewers to multiple laugh-out-loud Moments, but this Episode might be its finest display of silliness yet. The over-the-top design of Vipère, who resembles Maila Nurmi’s Vampire from an Ed Wood flick and punctuates sentences as if she is on the verge of sexual pleasure, is completely ludicrous. Meanwhile, the absurdity of the courses’ Transformation process, which the Episode spends a great deal of time showing off, harks back to classic Gundam Moments or even Star Trek‘s reveal of the Starship Enterprise in its first movie release.

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At the start of the episode, Eve is informed by Rose Aleon that her gang’s patron – Catherine, the CEO of a real estate company – has had a dispute with a mafia boss over the rights to a plot of land. The argument is about to boil over into Gang Warfare, and according to the two leaders have decided to settle the score with a game of golf. Since Eve has a debt to repay, she has been chosen to represent Catherine and battle against her rival’s Champion Vipère.

The Catherine Golf Course hosts games for its club members who travel from all around the world to bet on their obsession. Like a casino, Catherine has designed the rules so that the “house” always makes more money than the players. However, the most unique thing about this club is that its course can change different aspects of its environment through a computerized system that controls a variety of mechanical components.

The following scenes that show this display, while rather ridiculous, are highly compelling. Viewers see the underground tracks that transform the green, dams that release water to flood certain areas of the course, Bunkers that mold to the environment and even trees that can turn into different shapes or disappear altogether. However, Eve doesn’t seem phased by this miraculous incident or the flirtatious comments and confidence of her opponent.

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Vipère is a strange character, to say the least. With a tight Lycra-style suit, pointed fangs and an affinity for the color red, she certainly stands out from the crowd. Vipère is probably the most sexualized character to date within the series, and she makes a point of making those around her aware of this. From flirting with Rose upon Entering the facility to taunting Eve with a bet for her body, she seemingly takes Pleasure in making people feel uncomfortable, or at the very least notice her presence.

Vipère’s side-bet with Eve, which gives the Winner the ability to do what they want with their opponent for an entire day, is certainly rather sinister. While Eve states that she’s happy with the bet, as she needed someone to drive her to visit Aoi, Vipère appears to have Darker Intentions, claiming that she’ll “spend an entire day making sure you [Eve] never forget my name – both in your heart and your body! ”

This isn’t the first time that golf bets within the series have had sexual undertones. In Episode 1, “Rainbow Bullet,” Eve is taken aback that Lily bet a Gundam figure rather than her body. While Birdie Wing appears colorful on the surface, it is much Darker below. The underground golfing scene, disparity of Wealth and focus on gambling are all beginning, more than ever before, to paint a disturbing picture of Birdie Wing’s world, in which everything is put on the line to build success.

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If Vipère’s appearance and attitude weren’t strange enough, her method of fooling her opponents is stranger still. Rather than a battle of skill, Vipère uses a powerful perfume to throw her opponents off their game. The poisonous scent, which protrudes from Vipère’s body when she undoes her suit’s zip, makes Eve go off balance and sends her shots in every direction but the one she chooses. Thankfully, Eve Manages to figure out Vipère’s Tactic and holds her breath while taking shots to guard herself against the poison.

While this episode’s golf course, characters and Gaming Tactics might have been the most bizarre yet in the series, it has undoubtedly been the most entertaining. Birdie Wing continues to be pleasantly surprising in its effort to make golf – a sport that’s often considered rather dull – an enjoyable affair for even those who know very little about the game. Hopefully, the show will continue to introduce interesting characters and obstacles within its narrative to allow even more anime fans to get into the sport.


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