‘Is this fair? No’ – PSG president calls for financial Crackdown after Barcelona’s summer asset sale

Nasser Al-Khelaifi has called for UEFA to investigate Barcelona after they spent most of the summer selling off their assets.

  • Barca raised money for new signings
  • TV rights and digital content arm sold
  • Behavior sets a dangerous precedent, says Al-Khelaifi

WHAT HAPPENED? Barcelona caused quite the Storm during the summer as they had something of a fire sale of their in-house assets to make space for incoming players. The Spanish Giants were able to register the likes of Jules Kounde and Robert Lewandowski but Al-Khelaifi doesn’t believe they did it in a moral way.

WHAT THEY SAID: “Is this fair? Well, it’s not fair … Is it legal? I’m not sure,” they told POLITICO. “If they allow them, others will do the same. UEFA of course have their own [financial] regulations. For sure they’re going to look at everything.

“The new financial Sustainability rules are a positive development. But we need to be careful. Dangerous levels of debt and Magical equity deals are not a sustainable path.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Al-Khelaifi isn’t the first person, and won’t be the last, to ask questions about Barcelona’s financial strategy. However, so far, no rules have been breached and they have worked within the regulations, including the particularly stringent ones set by La Liga.


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WHAT NEXT FOR BARCELONA? Having sold a lot of assets for the sake of one transfer window, it is important that Xavi is able to succeed quickly in his role as manager. If he is able to win major trophies then the decisions made by the club’s Hierarchy will be somewhat vindicated.

Money talks 💰

How do you feel about the financial decisions made by Barcelona?


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