Intra-Region Badminton Championship hosted by Coast Guard -Karnataka

Intra-Region Badminton Championship hosted by Coast Guard -Karnataka

Mangaluru: The Coast Guard sports calendar took off stupendously with Coast Guard Karnataka conducting Intra-Region Badminton Championship at Mangalore from 24-25 May 2022 at Golden Shuttle Indoor Stadium, Mangalore. The event was attended by enthusiastic players from the Pan Coast Guard Western region. Overall 24 players who were further divided into Six teams participated in the Intra Region Badminton Championship. All the players exulted in high team spirit and participated with full josh.

The main aim of the Championship is to improve the overall physical standards of CG personnel and develop physical talents to their maximum potential. It also helps in engaging in competitive activities while promoting sound health, safety and physical fitness to exemplify good conduct as a means for learning good service conduct and camaraderie.

The event was graced by Mangaluru City Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar N IPS, Deputy Inspector as Chief Guest for the event. KG Nath, the bDeputy Chairman, NMPA was Guest of Honor and Chairman of Port Sports Control Board. The Chief Guest congratulated all the winners and participants and also accolades the efforts of ICG in promoting the significance of sports in our daily culture and the median on staying fit. Any sporting event such as Badminton offers a whole host of benefits ranging from increasing life expectancy and mobility to promoting heart health and exercise for all ages and abilities.

The Chief Guest also made a note to those participants who even though have not won any of the awards but still put up a great show in the competition in line with the old saying: ‘It’s the taking part that matters’. Also, he stressed upon adding by saying that it’s never too late to start over and try again.

KG Nath also commented that Badminton is a sport where you exercise your entire body and your mind as well to a certain extent. You engage your core, your limbs, and your brain as you serve and run-around the court. It requires quick thinking and speed. One match that lasts for over an hour can help you to burn around 480 calories. If you play it daily, you can lose about 4 kilograms a month! That is quite the motivation in itself to start playing the sport!

ICG has been actively conducting such sporting events to encourage physical fitness and provide a platform for the talented individuals from service in the field of sports to shine and showcase their sporting talent, enumerating under the Honorable Prime Minister Vision, ‘Khelo India’.

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