“If You Are Weak, You Are F ** ked” – Joe Rogan Shares Ambitious Advice to a North Korean Survivor

UFC color commentator and famous podcast host Joe Rogan shared a piece of valuable life advice with a North Korean, Yeonmi Park, on one episode of his podcast.


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The 54-year-old Rogan is a man of great knowledge. And all this is because of his experiences in various aspects of life. He started from scratch and did odd jobs before making it big in the UFC.


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On his way to becoming one of the most famous in the fight industry, Rogan made connections with many notable names. One of them is the Canadian clinical psychologist and motivational speaker, Jordan Peterson.

Peterson has been on the Rogan’s podcast in the past. Both the men share similar thoughts with each other. That being said, Rogan during an episode with Yeonmi Park quoted Peterson.

He said Weak is thought of as a virtue. Jordan Peterson has a very interesting way of looking at this… He said people think you should be weak and you should be docile. You should be a pacifist. He goes no. ”

“You should be a monster. You should be ruthlessly ambitious. And then learn how to control it… It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. It’s an old expression. But it makes sense, ” Rogan added.

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“Because it doesn’t mean that you can’t be kind if you are strong. But it does mean you can’t be strong if you are weak. If you are weak, you are f ** ked. And there’s a lot of weak people in the country right now that are trying to take control. And they are gathering all the other weak people, ” Rogan concluded.

Joe Rogan enjoys archery with his upcoming guest

The 54-year-old UFC commentator is one of the most fascinating personalities. Besides MMA, he loves to do stuff that gives him an adrenaline rush. Rogan is a big fan of adventurous activities and often goes on trekking, hunting, etc.


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about 2 months ago


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Recently, Rogan went for an archery session with his friend and upcoming podcast guest Cameron Hanes. The latter posted pictures of the session on his official Instagram account.


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Hanes is an endurance athlete, backcountry bow-hunter, and author, who has previously been on the JRE podcast. However, his recent pictures with Rogan inside the studio suggest that Hanes might come on the podcast again.

What are your thoughts on Rogan enjoying archery? What do you think of Rogan’s advice? Let us know in the comments below.

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