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SPRINGFIELD – Hunters in Illinois harvested a preliminary total of 147,004 deer during all 2021-22 archery and firearm seasons that concluded Jan. 16. The total preliminary deer harvest for all seasons compares with a total harvest for all seasons of 162,752 deer in 2020-21.

During the 2021-22 deer seasons, hunters took 43.75% does and 56.25% males.

Archery deer hunters took a preliminary total of 67,637 deer during the season that began Oct. 1 and concluded Jan. 16. The total archery harvest during the 2020-2021 season was 75,106 deer.

In The Southern Scene coverage area of ​​Johnson, Massac, Pope and Pulaski counties, a total of 5,526 deer were harvested – 49 total during the youth hunt; 111 during muzzleloader season; 3,020 during firearm season; and 2,346 during archery season.

In Johnson County, a total of 2,023 deer were harvested – 14 total during the youth hunt; 49 during muzzleloader season; 1,154 during firearm season; and 806 during archery season.

In Massac County, a total of 787 deer were harvested – 10 total during the youth hunt; 21 during muzzleloader season; 380 during firearm season; and 376 during archery season.

In Pope County, a total of 2,149 deer were harvested – 18 total during the youth hunt; 28 during muzzleloader season; 1,212 during firearm season; and 891 during archery season.

In Pulaski County, a total of 567 deer were harvested – seven total during the youth hunt; 13 during muzzleloader season; 274 during firearm season; and 273 during archery season.


• Youth deer hunters harvested a preliminary total of 1,829 deer during the three-day Illinois Youth Deer Season Oct. 9-11, compared to 2,322 in 2020.

• Hunters took a preliminary total of 69,990 deer during the Illinois Firearm Deer Season Nov. 19-21 and Dec. 2-5, compared to 77,160 deer taken during the 2020 firearm season.

• Hunters using muzzleloading rifles harvested a preliminary total of 3,043 deer during the Muzzleloader-Only Deer Season Dec. 10-12, compared to a harvest of 3,451 deer in the 2020 muzzleloader season.

• The 2021-22 Late-Winter Antlerless-Only and Special CWD (chronic wasting disease) deer seasons concluded Jan. 16 with a combined preliminary harvest total for both seasons of 4,505 deer. Season dates for the seven-day Late-Winter and CWD seasons were Dec. 30 through Jan. 2 and Jan. 14-16. During those seasons in 2020-21, a harvest of 4,713 deer were taken.

• Sixteen northern Illinois counties were open to the Special CWD season, which is used to assist in slowing the spread of chronic wasting disease in the Illinois deer herd.

• A total of 21 counties were open for the Late-Winter Antlerless Season in 2021-22. Counties that are at or below their individual deer population goal for two consecutive years may be removed from the Late-Winter season.

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