Hub makes cycling more accessible

A NEW cycling hub has been set up in Dolgellau to offer those who would not normally be able to enjoy a bike the chance to get on the saddle.

Cycling is hugely popular especially in north Wales where the natural beauty of our area and National Cycling Routes encourage cycling tourism, commutes to work plus many leisure and pleasure bicycle rides.

Joe Patton from the new hub explained: “Many people are not aware that disabled children and adults love to cycle with some using standard two-wheeled bicycles and others using non-standard cycles for transport, leisure or sport.

“Yet there are physical and financial barriers that prevent many other children and adults from using a nonstandard bicycle due to the high cost of buying or hiring one.

“Our new cycling hub in Dolgellau is for families and carers of vulnerable people who cannot use a normal bike, we are not a club for the able bodied cyclist.

“We exist to make cycling accessible for children and adults of all ages by making it affordable to ride an appropriate bike in a safe place, under the guidance of appropriately trained volunteers who have been vetted to ensure their suitability to work with vulnerable people. ”

The non-standard bicycles on offer include three wheeled hand bikes that reduce strain on the riders back, knees and hip joints and wheelchair tandems that convey people who may not have the strength required to cycle four wheeled bikes that are designed for two people to ride sitting next to each other.

The hub also has children’s tricycles with balance wheels and an additional steering handle for another person to help control speed and direction.

Electrically assisted bicycles are also on offer to reduce the effort of pedaling and increase the ease and comfort of cycling.

After paying an annual membership fee the cost of a one hour session is £ 4.

Joe added: “Our new venture will only succeed with public support. We are presently involving PSCOs based in Dolgellau and need volunteers to help with the users of our bicycles and to help look after the bicycles themselves. ”

If you are willing to volunteer please register your interest with Joe Patton at [email protected]

“Our new hub, scheduled to open in Dolgellau this April, aptly called Cycle Power Dolgellau will follow a section of the Mawddach Trail. This project has benefited from a £ 49,000 of funding which was secured by Marcus Politis – Byw’n Iach Disability Sport Wales Development Officer

To attend our open day in Dolgellau please register your interest with [email protected] who will send you further details.

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