How To Find All The Markers In Washable Kingdom

The Washable Kingdom in Roblox has eighteen Markers for players to find. Some are out in the open, while others are hidden in hard-to-find locations.

A primary objective of Roblox‘s Washable Kingdom is finding the 18 hidden Markers scattered about the game world. Each Marker has its own theme, which can hint where players need to look for each one. The first few items are easy to find; however, as players continue to uncover more, the Markers become increasingly challenging to locate in the Washable Kingdom‘s scavenger hunt in Roblox.

The first Easy-level Marker players can search for is the Torch Marker, which is within the towering stone structure on the east of the map. Head up the slanted slope to reach a large cracked opening at the top. Inside, the lit. Torch Marker (1) hangs on the wall to the right. Within the same room, drop down the pit straight ahead. Fans can find the Dragon Marker (2) guarding its eggs in a room on the right.


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To find the King Marker (3)enter the Castle in the center of the Washable Kingdom and walk straight down the hallway. Turn right twice to see the Marker sitting on its throne at the end of the second corridor. The Mud Marker (4) can be found in the swamp area to the southeast of the map. Look behind a pile of two large, round rocks in Roblox to acquire the Marker. The fifth Periwinkle Marker (5) is the easiest to find, as it sits in the flower bed right next to the spawn point.

Marker Locations in Roblox’s Washable Kingdom

Roblox Marker Locations in Washable Kingdom

Next, the Archer Marker (6) is located in the archery range to the right of the central Castle. To find the Firefly Marker (7), return to the swamp and jump on the southern-most lily pad in the water. Launching into the air, players must land on the adjacent tree to get the Marker. The first Medium-level Marker is the Princess Marker (8), hidden in the bush directly south of the respawn point. The Lilypad Marker (9) is in a secret underground room accessed by jumping on the only lilypad with a flower in the swamp area. Afterward, Roblox fans should check the market stalls on the western side of the map for the Primrose Marker (10) sitting within the brown-striped booth to the south.

The first Hard-level quest item is the Bluish Gray Marker (11), which requires some parkour skills to reach. Head to the forest to the left of the Castle and climb the tree with the transparent ladder. Those playing in a populated lobby can see other players ascending and jumping on the “invisible platforms” above the trees in this area. It may take a few tries, but with perseverance, players can find the Marker atop the trees in the center. The Ice Marker (12) is within a hidden room that can be entered through a hole on the wall under the southern walkway of the stone structure with the Torch and Dragon Markers. While it may seem unsafe for Roblox players, they can make it jumping off the ledge and immediately gliding into the opening below.

The BFDI Marker (13) requires the player to fall into the abyss below, as it’s only obtainable by jumping on it off of the ledge between the black and green-striped market stalls on the left. The Knight Marker (14) can be acquired by defeating the knight on top of the Castle’s right tower. Next, the Wizard Marker (15) is hidden behind a fake wall under the staircase within the Castle. Those who are fans of Harry Potter will understand this staircase reference.

Roblox Hard level Marker Locations in Washable Kingdom

The Merchant Marker (16) can be obtained by speaking to the shopkeeper NPC in the market stalls and finding ten Coins placed about the map. Unlike the markers, these Roblox currency coins are relatively easy to spot. The Guilded Marker (17) is acquired similar to the Ice Marker, as players must jump off the Castle’s southern tower and into a hidden opening below. The final Bioluminescent Marker (18) is the most challenging Marker to find, requiring players to activate the glowing mushrooms in the forest in a specific order to reveal a secret room. The order is as follows:

  • 1: The mushrooms by the tree of the middle-left
  • 2: The mushrooms by the forest’s entrance
  • 3: The mushrooms near the campfire
  • 4: The mushrooms in the back-left corner
  • 5: The mushrooms on the upper-left corner

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Roblox is available on PC, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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