How To Complete The Character Growth Achievement In GW2

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is full of interesting NPCs, including Snargle Goldclaw. This Charr author writes romance novels, but after writing for such a long time, he’s hit a wall and has fallen into a slump. Through the Character Growth achievement, you can help Snargle come out of this slump and continue on with his career.

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In this guide, we are going to go over how to complete the Character Growth achievement. Overall, you will need to travel around Cantha and report back to Snargle several times with your findings. First, let’s look at the prerequisites before starting this achievement.


Prerequisites To Complete

Prior to helping Snargle Goldclaw get out of his slump, you will need to complete Authorial Intent. This is a short achievement that requires you to speak with Snargle in Seitung Province.

For more information, be sure to check out our guide on how to complete Authorial Intent. It’s important to listen to all he has to say; if you leave early, you will not receive this achievement.

Starting Character Growth

Once you have completed Authorial Intent, head to Arborstone and speak with Snargle Goldclaw at the location marked on the map above. This is the second floor of Arborstone, in the library.

To speak with him, you will need to have the third mastery level of Arborstone unlocked. This is the Entertaining Amenities mastery, which stocks the library on the second floor with books. To quickly reach this mastery level, participate in events around Cantha. Additionally, be sure to visit Mastery Insights around all four maps.

Once you speak with him, he will direct you to the following three steps.

Speaking With Mamoru

Your first task is to speak with Mamoru in Mori Village, which is located in the lower right-hand corner of the Echovald Wilds. Mamoru will tell you to find Saya, who is involved in two archery events. Completing these events will reward you with the credit for this step.

Many players have reported a bug in this portion of the achievement, where you only need to complete the first archery event. This does not affect the step too much, but if it does happen, you will not need to participate in the group event that comes next.

Retrieving a Toy Bell in Seitung Harbor

To complete this step, you will need to participate in the ‘Help find and return the lost toys to the children’ event.

This takes place in Seitung Province, near the Village Waypoint. In general, this event will begin around dawn. If it’s not active when you arrive, you can wait around a little for it to start again.

Purchasing a Teapot

Now, you will need to purchase a teapot from Lady Kanda at the Red Duck Teahouse, located in New Kaineng City. This location is marked on the map above.

Purchasing the teapot will cost five gold. If you don’t have the money to spare, you can also wait for the ‘Recover tea crates from the Jade Brotherhood’ event to start. After this is completed, Lady Kanda will give you the teapot for free.

Once this has been completed, return to Snargle to unlock the next three steps.

Speaking with Eunjoo In Dragon’s End

Speaker Eunjoo can be found in Dragon’s End, shown on the map above.

To complete this step of the achievement, you will need to complete the group event ‘Defeat the summoned creature before it can escape’. This can be completed before the meta event begins. If the meta is active, you will either need to wait for it to end, or switch to a new map that isn’t participating in the meta.

Purchasing A Painting Of Empress Ihn

For this step of the achievement, you will need to head back to Seitung Province and speak with a painter that can be found near the Imperial Overlook point of interest. Here, you will need to purchase the painting for five silver.

Obtaining A Sprout Of The Forever Tree

Next, go to the Echovald Wilds and head to the Forever Tree point of interest. You can see this location highlighted on the map above; to get here, head southeast from the Kropa Waypoint.

At this location, you will need to participate in the event ‘Protect the sylvari until the ritual is complete’. After this is done, speak to the Mysterious Warden to receive credit.

After doing this, return to Arborstone and speak with Snargle once again.

Obtaining Incense From Sun-Hi

This is a longer portion of the achievement, requiring you to locate three objects that can be obtained by completing three separate event chains. Below, you can learn the location of the events associated with each item.

After completing these event chains, head to Sun-Hi to receive credit for this task. You can find Sun-Hi at the location marked above.

Obtaining A Copy Of Ja-Wen’s Masterwork

For this step of the achievement, head to Seitung Province, east of the Monastery Temple point of interest. Here, you will need to complete the ‘Subdue the Purist operatives!’ event.

This event is difficult if you are playing alone, so be sure to have a few people with you. We recommend announcing the event in the chat so other players can come to help.

Speaking With Bonnie Kunderah

This is a simple step, that only requires you to find and speak with Bonnie Kunderah. To do so, head to the second floor of the Ministry of Archives point of interest in New Kaineng City. Bonnie can be found sitting behind a desk.

After completing this step, return to Snargle in Arborstone to get the final two tasks.

Obtaining A Jade Statue

To obtain a Jade Statue, head to Dragon’s End and speak with Yenna at the location marked on the map above.

After completing the ‘Extract jade core samples and deposit them for safekeeping’ event, speak with Yenna to receive credit for this portion of the achievement. This event happens frequently, so if it is not active, you will just need to wait a short period of time.

Helping Sagan Malaya

Lastly, head to Echovald Wilds and go to the Temple of the Dredge point of interest. Here, you can participate in the event ‘Gather fungal residue to stabilize Verasha, the Speaker defector’.

This is a long chain event, and it is quite difficult. We recommend finding a group of people to complete this event chain with.

Additionally, some players have reported bugs for this event chain. On occasion, the event will not start and the associated NPCs will just stand around. If this is the case, leave the Echovald Wilds and then come back.

Returning To Snargle Goldclaw

With all the tasks complete, head to Snargle Goldclaw and speak with him. He will be standing with Bonnie Kunderah, having a conversation. Once you have finished talking to them, the achievement will be complete.

Rewards For Completing Character Growth

After completing Character Growth, you will receive the following rewards.

  • 15x Achievement Points
  • 1x Mastery Point
  • Well-Rounded Title

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