How to Avoid Certain Pitfalls (and Golf Balls) When Buying a Home – Orange County Register

Whenever you set your sights on moving to a new area, it’s wise to consult a local agent with specific knowledge of the features and potential pitfalls that might influence home prices and certain circumstances you want to avoid.

For example, if your dream has always been to live at the beach, and you’re coming from an Inland area, you might want an agent who has represented both buyers and sellers of beach houses.

My guess is that someone with this kind of experience can advise you about potential Moisture Invasion, the importance of ascertaining soil stability, public access to areas adjacent to your target property and any zoning restrictions that apply to any remodeling plans.

Similarly, if your plans include riding off into the sunset on horses housed on your property, you should track down an agent well versed in equestrian zoning, trail access, feed delivery, waste removal and potential limits to the number of horses per lot size.

On the flip side, if you are attracted to properties with large lots, you should also know what the adjacent owners are able to use their land for, in case you don’t like to hear Roosters or smell horse manure.

With a plethora of golf courses dotting in California, there are more than a few home options on or near the Fairway or the green. If you don’t play golf or if you’ve never lived on a golf course, you’d be well served to work with an agent with some experience in golf course homes.

These agents will now likely know how to figure out exactly where your potential new home is located in relation to the course. It’s one thing to be on a fairway, above the cart path, about where a decent player would be expected to lay up, and quite another to be on the tee box on the 18th hole.

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