How can Klopp ‘reinvent’ Liverpool? Bank on Darwin, trust in Thiago and bruise some Anfield egos

It can be tempting, in times like this, to panic, to look for magic solutions, and to believe that only radical changes can fix things.

Liverpool won’t do that. It isn’t the club’s way and it isn’t Klopp’s. They’re struggling at the moment, but they know who they are and they believe in their ways, even if they know that improvement is needed in just about all areas.

A sense of perspective is never a bad thing, and it is worth pointing out that the defeat to Napoli, as bad as it was, was only the fourth Liverpool have suffered in 2022, and that even when they were flying, in 2018 and 2019 , they came unstuck on the same ground.

It should also be said that it’s better to have a crisis in August and September than in April and May. Liverpool are, for all their issues, only six points off the top of the Premier League, and only five behind Manchester City.

Even Pep Guardiola’s side have dropped points and shipped goals, by the way. Chelsea have just sacked their manager, Manchester United are still adapting to their new one and while Arsenal and Tottenham have made good starts to the campaign, both have shown themselves capable of Collapse in the past. Form is temporary, and Liverpool must believe the class of their squad, and their manager, is permanent.

The situation, as Klopp says, could be a lot better, but it only takes a couple of results to change the mood, and the table.

And if any team has proven itself adept at Emerging Stronger from a dip in form in recent years, it’s Liverpool.


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