Horizon Forbidden West is a Great Blueprint For A Green Arrow Game

Horizon Forbidden West’s Gameplay has been one of its best-selling points for the game, as it offers a refined combat and traversal system along with a variety of weapons and abilities that turns Aloy into a one-person army. The Horizon franchise showcases just what an archery-focused game should look like by featuring multiple arrow types and different bows suited for various types of combat. This formula is something that would work great for a Green Arrow game as DC continues to expand its video game universe and introduce new characters into the gaming world.


Green Arrow is a vital part of the DC Universe and one of the core members of the Justice League, even acting as a founding member in certain universes within the comics. His archery-focused combat style is similar to Aloy’s, and both characters consistently go up against opponents that are much bigger and tougher than them. So, DC should look at the Horizon franchise to get some tips on how to incorporate Green Arrow’s fighting style in a future game.

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Variety in Combat

Horizon’s combat system excelled by having a variety of weapons and tools that can be used in combat to create a unique playing style. Aloy’s arsenal consists of different types of bows, traps like elemental tripwires, and a single melee weapon, her spear. Using these weapons greatly increases Aloy’s range and allows her to specifically attack using an opponent’s weaknesses, making most of her attacks rely heavily on the player’s strategy.

Green Arrow has a similar arsenal to Aloy and, just like Horizon’s protagonist, he also relies primarily on ranged combat and focusing on an opponent weaknesses. As a result, utilizing the combat mechanics from the Horizon franchise would be perfect for a Green Arrow game. In the comics and across other media, Green Arrow has always used his strategic mind to take down opponents and this is the same mentality that Aloy possesses before every battle she enters. The freedom that players have in Horizon’s combat would also be a major focal point for a potential Green Arrow game.

Traversal System

aloy climbing snowy cliffs

Apart from the combat, Horizon also excels in giving players the freedom to explore the world using a climbing and traversal system that is fluid and effective. Aloy is able to get over nearly every obstacle she comes across, which opens up the map for thorough exploration and gives the developers a chance to hide certain loot or pieces of lore that give the open world life. Aloy also utilizes tools such as a grappling hook and glider for more advanced traversal techniques that help her get to hard-to-reach spots across the map.

A Green Arrow game would undoubtedly take place in a city similar to Arkham City or Arkham Knight, which would require a solid traversal system to explore. As a character, Green Arrow is not only a trained martial artist but also has the agility of an acrobat, giving him parkour skills that he often uses to explore his city. Not only does Horizon’s parkour system emulate the same style of movement, but even the traversal tools at Aloy’s disposal are similar to tools that Green Arrow regularly uses.

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Stealth and Tech


Both Aloy and Green Arrow are capable of staying hidden to gather information or silently pick off enemies. Stealth is also important for the archery combat system, as it lets the character start a fight and quickly find a different hiding spot in case they need to retreat. Aloy does this extremely well, especially when it comes to utilizing her environment or items like smoke bombs to create space between enemies. She also has a piece of tech called the Focus that lets her scan enemies and track their movement, giving Aloy a heightened sense of awareness and helping her plot out the best course of action.

While Green Arrow may not use the same level of technology, he has trained his awareness to exceed the levels of a regular person. So, instead of having a piece of tech that scans areas for him, a similar system can be employed that utilizes his experience and his awareness of surroundings to offer the same benefits to Green Arrow. He is also well known for stealth options, often opting to cut down an enemy’s numbers while working from the shadows. As such, the stealth system in Horizon along with the strategic planning system of Aloy’s tech would be great additions to a Green Arrow game.

The Horizon franchise has perfected an archery-focused action game that gives players the freedom to approach each fight differently. Aloy’s arsenal is extremely similar to that of Green Arrow’s, and this makes the mechanics within the Horizon a great blueprint for a future Green Arrow game. As DC continues forward with an expanding gaming universe, there will be a need to bring in integral characters to teams such as the Justice League, and Green Arrow is one of those members. Utilizing his relationship with other major DC characters such as Green Lantern and The Flash could offer a way for DC to start connecting various games together to create complex storylines that expand over multiple titles, thus creating a DC Gaming Universe. Green Arrow could absolutely carry his own game, though, especially if said game pulls from Horizon.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently available for PS4 and PS5.

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