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HOLGATE – The Holgate Local Schools Board of Education Monday reviewed information on area schools’ archery programs as it considers options for the program.

Holgate’s archery program is currently part of the 21st Century Grant Program, but that will wrap up this year after 10 years, and the board will need to decide if it will continue to offer the program.

Superintendent Kelly Meyers said the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center sent out a survey on area archery programs. Of the 20 districts that responded, 10 have archery programs and 10 don’t.

Overall, Meyers said the districts with archery programs who responded to the survey had different structures for the program with some offering it to only certain grade levels and others open to a wider range of students, while coaches ranged from volunteers to paid supplemental positions.

Also, funding sources varied in the other districts ‘programs, ranging from self-funded from the participants’ families, Ohio Department of Natural Resources grants, fundraisers, donations, athletic department budgets and the general fund, or a combination of multiple sources.

Of those districts that responded to the survey that had grant-funded archery programs, all stated they would continue to offer the program. Eight of the 10 responding districts recognize archery as a club sport.

Meyers added multiple comments from other districts stated they saw the benefits offered by the archery program.

“There were a few districts that added some positive impact comments, just saying that it was a great outlet for their kids … that might not have any other activities to gravitate toward,” Meyers said, adding that it has also previously been discussed at Holgate as well. “That’s what we’ve talked about all along. Whether we’ve had four kids or 24 kids, it really provided an outlet for those students who might not otherwise have an extracurricular that they are a part of. ”

The district currently has eight students in the program, although it was noted that has fallen during the COVID-19 pandemic and the highest number was approximately 25 students one year. However, it was also noted the archery program was only open to middle and high school students in the after-school program, so numbers could vary if it was opened up to a wider range of students.

Meyers added the district will keep the equipment that was purchased through the grant, but there will still be expenses such as tips and targets that will need to be purchased.

Meyers will conduct an interest survey among students to gauge interest, while Treasurer Kent Seemann will look into financial estimates on equipment. Discussions will continue in the upcoming months.

• Approved a service agreement with the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center for the 2022-23 school year at an initial cost estimate of $ 624,161.29.

• Approved American Fidelity and Assurance Co. as the district’s Section 125 provider for April 1-March 31.

• Approved a memorandum of understanding with the Holgate Teachers Association for additional professional development days for staff Jan. 31, 2022, and Feb. 18, 2022.

• Approved the 2023-24 school calendar.

• Accepted the following donations: $ 50 to the athletic department from the Craig Swary family; $ 100 to the athletic department from the Henry County Community Foundation; $ 700 toward HUDL Scout and $ 300 to the athletic department from Lynn Greenler; and $ 1,850 to the athletic department for new softball uniforms from John Howe.

• Held an executive session regarding personnel. No action was reported after the session.

The board’s next meeting will be at 6 pm March 28.


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