Hockey star in Martinsville? Oscar Sizemore is making it happen

Oscar Sizemore fell in love with hockey at a young age. His dad, Danny, a former player himself, would tell him stories of his days playing the sport. Naturally, the love of the sport rubbed off on him.

“He played it as a kid, so he told me the stories about him playing,” Oscar Sizemore said. “Once you play hockey, all the other sports feel slow. It’s such a fast-paced game.”

Oscar, a Martinsville native who attends Martinsville High School, was about 9 years old when he was first noticed by a travel coach who wanted him to play. Eventually, that would lead to playing for the junior Fuel in Indianapolis.

Standing tall with long, black, flowy hair, one wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell Sizemore was a hockey player. He looks like an average 16-year-old kid. But put him on the ice and the talent is indisputable.

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