Highway code changes: Cyclists say drivers are behaving much better on roads

The rules of the Highway Code were updated in January amid initially chaotic scenes, as cyclists rode three abreast in the middle of the road and motorists admitted they were confused as to what the new rules entailed. However cyclists have now reported they are pleased with how drivers are behaving six weeks later.

Users of cyclists’ forum Road.cc were asked if they had seen increased aggression from drivers since the changes came in.

But surprisingly the majority said that they had seen more considerate behavior on the roads.

‘Rendel Harris’ said: “In my experience (50 km + per day in London) there has been a definite improvement in driver behavior in terms of close passing.

“As an estimate I would say around 30 percent more are really thinking about their passing distance and waiting longer for passing opportunities.”

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‘Hoarseman’ said: “The cautious majority have become even more careful, but the reckless idiots seem to be emboldened to drive closer and faster than before.

“In the last month, I’ve had two drivers angrily beep at me for absolutely no reason other than I was on the road ahead of them. One then swerved to side-swipe me whilst holding down the horn.”

And ‘PorkyPT’ said: “Last week a bloke in a pick-up drove past me at a slow-ish rate observing the 1.5m rule (and maybe a bit more), while at the same time shouting through the lowered passenger window: ‘that alright mate ?!’ in what sounded like a sarcastic manner.

“He did not wait for a response. Make of that what you will. “

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