Grand Rapids Golf Writer portrayed in a movie thanks to a week back in 1988

Terry Moore has covered the Masters 36 times, founded the West Michigan Golf Show and is a member of the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame.

But it was his coverage and involvement in an offbeat story more than three decades ago that has earned the Veteran golf Writer recognition in an upcoming British-made movie.

Comedian Michael Capozzola portrays Moore in the Phantom of the Open, a one-hour, 46-minute flick about legendary hacker Maurice G. Flitcroft. Flitcroft, a British golfer who passed away in 2007, made a name for himself in the sport in 1976 when they attempted to qualify for the British Open and shot 121 for 18 holes.

The movie, which features Oscar Winner Mark Rylance as Flitcroft, has a Michigan Twist thanks to Moore. Moore’s brother created the Maurice G. Flitcroft Tournament, which has been played at the Blythefield Country Club on-and-off during the past 40 years, and it pays homage to hackers everywhere. Moore had himself a day to remember in 1987 when he recorded a Hole-in-1 in the event.

The 1988 tournament is the one that created so much attention, though, because Flitcroft accepted an invitation to play in it and had West Michigan buzzing all week.

“It is strange to have something happen back in 1988 to develop into a follow-up story all these years hence,” said Moore, a graduate of Grand Rapids Catholic Central and the University of Michigan. “I never Forgot about Maurice and the week he spent here. It was Page 1A of the Grand Rapids Press, and Greg Johnson did the story.

“We had all of the TV stations out at Blythefield. Warren Reynolds and Tom Cleary came out and Channel 35 did a story. It captured a lot of peoples’ Imagination here locally. And now it ends up being another story here in 2022. ”

The Michigan Premiere is scheduled for June 15 at Celebration Cinema North, and tickets go on sale Friday, May 6 at Proceeds will benefit First Tee of the West Michigan and Youths on Course, which are two junior golf initiatives to help grow the game.

“I had a small part in the movie,” Moore said. “It has been a surreal, strange event that I never expected to happen.”

The movie is based off of Simon Farnaby’s screenplay. Farnaby contacted Moore in 2010 while researching Flitcroft, and Moore eventually contributed a chapter about the week Flitcroft played in Grand Rapids.

“Two years ago, (Farnaby) contacted me and asked if they could use my name in the movie,” Moore said. “I got what movie? He got the Phantom of the Open. That was the first surprise, and then finding out that there is going to be a character in the movie that plays me was another. There is also an American actress who plays my wife. She doesn’t have a speaking part, but that was nice, too. That was also a nice surprise. ”

Moore said he has had an opportunity to see the movie and gives it two thumbs up.

“It’s a very charming movie,” he said. “It has 92 percent rotten tomatoes, so I’m glad I’m not associated with a real clunker of a movie.

“Michael Capozzola contacted me when he was assigned the role. He’s a nice guy and I’ve seen some of his acts on Youtube. He did a very nice job. ”

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