Golf Story is Worth Going Back to Before Sports Story Launches

Golf is hard. It’s a lesson in precision, consistency and, most importantly, keeping a level head in the face of overwhelming annoyance. There have been plenty of video games that have tried to replicate the feeling, and while some Franchises are accurate simulators, others are focused on more than just the sport. Golf Story is one such game, focusing more on story and exploration than the accuracy of golf itself. It’s heavily inspired by the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golfwhich was more of an Adventure RPG than an Authentic sports Simulator due to the limitations of its hardware.


The Nintendo Switch is less hindered by its power, and as such has the Capability to run competent sport-based titles. yet, Sports Story is the next project by Developer Sidebar Games, which carries much of the charm of Golf Story to other activities like tennis, cricket, and soccer. It’s an exciting thought for fans of the developer’s previous outing. The recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase confirmed it will bear some similarities to its predecessor, but before Sports Story Releases and hopefully renews fans’ love for the now-franchise, Golf Story is well worth returning to.

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Golf Story is a Sports Game For Everyone

In Golf Story, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The sports genre is typically unwelcoming to newcomers, as hours of practice are needed to get the best out of the game and competitive Multiplayer is normally pushed to the forefront. Golf Story‘s Mechanics are simple to use, but difficult to master, as course management and club selection is important but not a score-wrecker if the player gets it wrong. From Mario Golf Thu Hot Shots Golfthe sport is a proven source of fun using a number of different philosophies, and Golf Story may not be revolutionary, but it strikes a perfect balance between feeling both new and retro.

For Golfers in particular, this unassuming, Humble pixel-art game will be so very relatable, as wayward tee shots and unkempt courses are par for the course in the real-world. Players don’t assume the role of a tour pro, but rather a down-on-his-luck player who tries to rekindle his love of the game that has long since diminished. This makes both good and bad golf performances feel like they fit into the story, meaning that it never suffers from ludonarrative dissonance.

The Nintendo Switch is in its Twilight Years

Nintendo Switch Eshop

Although it presented a completely unique idea when it was released in the spring of 2022, it’s clear that the Nintendo Switch is firmly in its final years before its inevitable replacement hits the shelves. In the time that it’s been available, a plethora of Fantastic games have joined the system, but its first year on the market was carried by a handful of titles. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey were surely the headliners, but its Sublime indie offerings were a highlight of its early months. Golf Story was a constant contender for the best small-budget game on the eShop, and its exclusivity Cemented the fact that the system was going to place a suitable amount of emphasis on Downloadable games.

Golf Story is not only a great game that is worthy of players’ attention even half a decade after its release, but it’s also a window into a different time. It launched when the Switch was still completely new and largely untapped, and returning to its charming towns and quirky courses is more than justified regardless. The future arrival of Sports Story only emphasizes the message. Golf Story is short, and profoundly sweet, and Sports Story has a lot to live up to as it receives more exposure in the November Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

Golf Story is available on Nintendo Switch.

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