Golf Girl’s Story Worth Watching?

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story premiered on Crunchyroll at the beginning of April. The series follows Eve, an underground golf hustler who views the sport as an easy way of making money to support her family. However, after the beginning of a friendly rivalry with an under-15 golf star named Aoi Amawashi, Eve begins to relish the mainstream golfing world and attempts to hone her skills to become an even better player.

The show is a strange mix of sports and classic battle Manga, in which characters ridiculously cry out their golf swing’s names while proceeding to consistently make shots that even Tiger Woods could only ever dream of. Although many often associate golf with quiet contemplation, serious tones and long stretches of not much going on, Birdie Wing Manages to offer viewers an exciting story and fast-paced action that will likely have them coming back for more.

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Birdie Wing’s narrative isn’t like your standard sports-based anime. Although series like Haikyu !! are Heavily focused on characters overcoming the odds or rising through the Ranks, Birdie Wing takes itself a little less seriously. While technical terms and an appreciation of the sport are still featured, it’s less about Educating viewers or providing an Authentic experience for golfing enthusiasts and more on how best to entertain.

Birdie Wing depicts a strange dystopian America in which, similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! and its card game, everybody seemingly knows how to play golf. The landscape is filled with a fresh disparity between rich and poor, corrupt cops and crooked politicians. While the sport offers the elite a way to gamble their riches, it too provides an opportunity for those who are down on their luck to make an extra buck or two.

The show’s protagonist Eve is one of the few that have managed to hone this craft and are capable of making a decent living from betting against those with more ego than Talent. Throughout the first few episodes, Eve wanders destitute Streets, train tracks and golf courses like a samurai from a Kurosawa film to face one opponent after another in an effort to fund the Orphanage that she comes from.

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These high-intensity clashes are balanced by a set of off-the-wall Moments that often come with little rhyme or reason. These range from a monochromatic AMV-style cut scene in the middle of its premiere episode to one of Eve’s opponents wearing a clown mask without any particular purpose. While this form of experimentation might annoy certain anime-watchers, others may appreciate the fun that this kind of experimentation can bring.

Birdie Wing is by no means the best-animated series. Certain scenes can often be rather crudely drawn in comparison to the incredibly high quality that big-budget shows have spoiled fans with over the last few years. However, Birdie Wing provides its own charm and Manages to show off some intense scenes where the ball can be seen rising through the air, Whistling among trees or even darting between train carriages, and these are by no means below par in the animation department.

Although the series certainly isn’t perfect, it has that addictive Shonen quality that keeps viewers coming back for more. For a show that hasn’t received much attention, Birdie Wing Surprisingly offers a story, a set of characters and several quirks that are both unique and well-written enough to Invest time into and further explore. Regardless of whether a person is a fan of golf or not, Birdie Wing will likely Capture the imaginations of its audience members with its strange and competitive world – and who knows, it may even get the sport’s biggest nay-sayers out on the green for a chip, put or drive.

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