Game on! Visit these 10 bowling alleys in India for a fun weekend

Few leisure sports compare to the excitement and anticipation that come with rolling a ball towards a set of pins. And whether you’ve got a competitive spirit or enjoy doing something fun with friends on the weekends, these bowling alleys in India will be right up your alley.

An ideal activity for conversation-weary social groups, highly-anticipated first dates, and several shots-down bachelorette parties, bowling is for everyone. There are several bustling alleys in India that offer up a chance to test out your swing technique. Some come with three traditional lanes, while others boast unique transparent ones, doubling up as entertainment centers or lounges. Here’s a roundup of the best bowling alleys in your city.

Have a ball at these 10 bowling alleys in India

Pitstop Brewpub Bowling and More, Gurgaon

Formerly Blue-O, this bustling space in Gurgaon has emerged as a popular go-to for locals who’d like to give tenpin bowling a shot. Located in Sector 29, the space hosts several live music nights and has a pool table that’s often crowded. Recommended here are the paneer tikka, fries, pizza, and cocktails. Arcade games, sky karting, and bowling are a must-try. The alley here has six lanes and has a lot of offers to make the experience more fun. The spacious spot also has seating arrangements so you can grab a bite as you watch bowlers aim for a strike, making it a fun place to go bowling in India. Weekends get quite crowded so do head there early to ensure you’re not waiting for each experience for too long.

Contact: +91 12447 37123

Yes Minister Bowling, Bar, and Kitchen, New Delhi

Located in bustling Hauz Khas, this is one of the most popular spots to go bowling in the city. A total of four lanes make up the alley in this sleek, chic space and the spot usually has a host of offers to give you enough rounds to hit that perfect strike. Unlike most bowling alleys that require you to leave food and beverages at the door, players are allowed to bring their cocktails and beer to the lane. Other attractions at the space include a mechanical bull ride, video games, air hockey, foosball, basketball, boxing, and more. It can get packed over the weekends, so be sure to call ahead.

Contact: +91 97114 95495

The Game Palace, Mumbai

Giving India its first boutique bowling experience, The Game Palace boasts transparent bowling lanes, the first of its kind in the world. Made with treated pinewood, complete with black and gold lining done in Hungary, the space matches the design of this fine-dining, entertainment lounge and arcade. There are four league-friendly lanes and a single round here involving 10 attempts for 15 minutes. Longer, 45-minute and hour-long sets can cost up to INR 8,000. A bowling butler regularly disinfects the balls, in line with the pandemic safety requirements.

Contact: +91 72088 62231

Smaaash, Mumbai

Popular with locals, especially families, this entertainment zone in Lower Parel has a trampoline park, vending machines, donut slides, virtual-reality experiences, and outdoor sports like cricket and football. The highlight here, apart from the stunning rooftop go-karting track, is their bowling alley, featuring 6 state-of-the-art lanes. Each track is UV-lit, adding a certain hue to the ambiance. This experience, called Twilight Bowling, makes for stunning pictures the unique addition is a first of its kind in India. There are dedicated cafes and bars at this spot that serves delicious food to replenish all the energy you lost while playing. Cocktails like sour whiskey and cosmopolitan come highly recommended.

Contact: +91 86050 01929

Amoeba Sports Bar, Mumbai

Also a popular sports bar in the city, Amoeba is an entertainment zone that offers video games, arcade games, bumper cars, simulator machines, and more. While these can keep you engaged for hours, the most popular feature of this spot is their 10-lane wide bowling alley, well-maintained and spacious bowling alley. Prices differ based on the time and day of the week and weekends might have you waiting in line for at least an hour. Visitors rave about the neon-hued lighting of the bowling alley as well as the music that’s played. The space does provide shoes but you might want to grab your own socks before heading here. You’d need to buy a rechargeable card to sign up for bowling. The food and drinks menu here is extensive as well.

Contact: +91 22618 01600

Nicco Super Bowl, Kolkata

Believed to be Kolkata’s best bowling alley, this spot has four pool tables, two hair hockey, tables, several coin-operated games and more. The bowling alley here is quite popular, having hosted several events including inter-school championships, Kolkata Bowling Championship, and other open tournaments. The space has four bowling lanes constructed based on materials imported from the USA and the interiors have been designed with prints from Malaysia. There are also packages offered for each round, so you get the best bang for your buck. The food served here includes tandoori and Chinese fare, and parties are common.

Contact: +91 33235 78102

The Game Palace, Chandigarh

Helmed by Snow World Entertainment, this spot in Chandigarh, much like its Mumbai counterpart, has a host of activities on offer, including cricket, bungee soccer, VR games, and other fun arcade games. The charcoal chicken risotto, burrata pizza, and pesto chicken tikka come highly recommended. That said, a popular attraction of this 26,000-acre space is the bowling alley, with four transparent lanes and decor that matches the spot’s ambience. There’s comfortable lounge seating with lane-side butler service that’s a first of its kind in the city. The music’s always pumping and it is recommended that you head here early on weekdays to beat the crowds.

Contact: +91 90567 59702

Amoeba, Bengaluru

The first to introduce bowling to the city and the most popular spot for the sport in India, Amoeba in Church Street is a must-visit. The spacious alley often plays host to national bowling events and competitions and you’ll often find yourself rubbing shoulders with professionals here. There are 12 lanes, each of which can accommodate up to eight people. Right above the alley is an arcade and the spot usually offers a complimentary round of ice hockey for those who sign up for bowling. Shoes are provided and charges could vary depending on the time of day and week. Amoeba gets quite crowded over the weekends, so be sure to call ahead, head there early, or pick a weekend to test out your bowling skills.

Contact: +91 93413 21360

Funtura, Bengaluru

The new kid on the entertainment block is believed to be India’s largest indoor entertainment zones. Featured here are a carnival of attractions including zip-lining, laser tag, bumper cars, VR rides, merry-go-rounds, trampolines, and more. The bowling alley here has six lanes and is quite spacious. As with most places, it gets quite crowded here during the weekends. That said, considering the host of other activities on offer, there’s plenty to do while waiting for your turn.

Contact: +91 80456 07788

Go Bowling, Bengaluru

A state of the art bowling alley in South Bengaluru, this spot is known to have great music to keep you entertained as you sharpen your throws. It has 12 lanes, four of which are for children. There are special lanes for people with disabilities as well. Balls here range from the standard three-six kilograms and socks and shoes are provided. Since there are quite a few lanes, the space rarely ever gets too crowded. A perk of bowling here are the complimentary drinks that the alley often provides and you can snack on popcorn and other snacks while bowling.

Contact: +91 76187 99597

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