Five million dollars for 700 golf balls at home

For four long years, golf balls were the worst possible nightmare for a family in Kingston, Massachussetts. Erik and Athina Tenczar, in the spring of 2017, fell in love at first sight with a three thousand square meter villa immersed in the greenery of the Indian Pont Country Club.

The Tenczars did well with the Mortgage (it was a $ 750,000 house) but not with the aim of those who play golf on hole 15 of that course. Moral of the story: after years under more or less cross fire they turned to a judge who awarded them a compensation of five million dollars.

The couple arrived at the court after four years of endurance and obviously useless phone calls to the management to put an end to the bombing.

Golf balls, history

“We had just become parents – says Erik to the Boston Globe – and this house seemed perfect to us.

For us, living in golf was a safe place, since there were already about fifty families “This was not the case and they noticed it after a month in the new home. Erik is Touched by a first ball on the driveway as he unfastens the seat of his eldest daughter from the car.

The first Shattered glass a little later, in the attic. So the stained glass window in the children’s bedroom ended up in a thousand pieces. Following the ball, he finished his flight in the plastic pool, also in the garden.

Countless circular dents on the fence. The dull thuds against any target are almost daily. “The impact looks like a shot,” explains 36-year-old Athina. “It’s emotionally heavy to live in this situation,” Erik Echoes.

700 golf balls in the garden The step from dream home to minefield is far too short. Plastic sheets soon pop up to protect the windows, and to protect children around, bike helmets pop up even when you’re not on two wheels.

An Unreal situation, from every point of view. Erik and Athina collected around 700 golf balls in the garden. The idea of ​​a goal in front of the house is not feasible: the villa is in a strategic position, every golfer wants to get there with the first shot and then attack the rest of hole 15 and the net is too low in any case.

golf balls A view of hole 15 After only warning the authorities and the club, the Tenczars go to justice, suing the Indian Pond Country Club. In December 2021, the Plymouth Superior Court acknowledged their reasons for condemning the property to pay $ 3.5 million in damages.

and mental and emotional suffering. With interest, the figure reaches 4.9 million dollars. With their backs to the wall, the management moved the starting area of ​​hole 15 and from that day the balls stopped Landing in the Tenczar garden. At the same time, the owners filed an appeal against the first instance sentence.

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