Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 Best Classes, Ranked

In the popular tactical RPG Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a character’s magical powers are defined by which class they belong to. Divided into Unique Classes, Beginner Classes, Advanced Classes, Special Classes, and Master Classes, it comes as no surprise that the most superior rankings belong to the latter subset and its various Knights, Lords, and Servants.

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The higher the class, the harder it is to unlock, but the increased magical powers it grants players are well worth the effort. Those playing through Three Houses in the lead-up to the release of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes this June, do wise and pursue the most superior classes the game has to offer.

10 Bow Knight

Bow Knight displayed in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Despite their average Lance skills, Bow Knights are highly proficient in archery, using innate Canto, Bowfaire, and Bowrange +2 sills to strike from range. However, what they gain in HP (10%) and Charm (5%) they tend to lose in speed (-5%) during combat. As such, some players favor the Advanced-Class Sniper in the popular tactical RPG.

With A-grade Bow and Riding skills, Bow Knights are far more mobile than Snipers, which gives them a strategic advantage on the battlefield. Paired with their masterful Defiant Speed ​​skill (+8), Bow Knights are far more agile than Snipers while retaining their deadeye accuracy.

9 Great Knight

Great Knight displayed in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Another superior Master Class that requires a Master Seal and Professor Rank C to unlock at level 30+ of the stellar modern JRPG, Great Knights are known for their heavy armor and defensive prowess. With inherent Canto, Lancefaire, and Axefaire skills as well, Great Knights possess A-grade Armor, B + Ax, and B + Riding marks. That’s a lethal combo to deal with for any enemy.

With up to 50% growth rates and 22% strength increases, Great Knights are most masterful in the Defiant Defense tactic, which grants players a +3 Defensive score when HP is at 50% or less.


8 Dark Knight

Dark Knight Displayed in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Mightier than their Mage Knight predecessors, the Master Class Dark Knights gain increased firepower and flexibility Three Houses due to their inherent Dark Tomefaire grimoire (black magic), which, in addition to their A Riding and B + Reasoning requirements, make them very hard to outwit and overpower once unlocked.

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While average in their Lancing skills, Dark Knights pair their maneuverability as a mounted unit with their above-average swordplay to become a well-balanced Master Class. Perhaps most useful, Dark Knights master Seal Resistance, which will subtract 3 Res points per fight with a foe.

7 Holy Knight

Holy Knight displayed in Fire Emblem Three House

As a mirror Master Class to Dark Knights, Holy Knights are pretty interchangeable in this highly playable Nintendo Switch RPG. Also able to wield magic, Holy Knights use inherent Canto with White Tomefaire magic, Terrain Resistance, and Defiant Resistance to overpower opponents.

What really distinguishes Holy Knights is their rare combination of Riding (A) and Faith (B +) skills, allowing them to essentially serve as both Bishops and Dark Knights at once. Despite their versatility, Holy Knights lack superior Lancing (C), making them vulnerable at close range. Thankfully, they can increase Res by up to 50%.

6 Falcon Knight

Falcon Knight displayed in Fire Emblem Three Houses

One of nine Master Classes, players who unlock the class will be thrilled with its powerful Canto skills, Lancefaire abilities, Avoid + 10 defensive prowess, and superior ability to fly.

With a +3 Flying, Lance, and Sword proficiency, what distinguishes Falcon Knight from the pack is their almighty Defiant Avoid skill, which increases Avoid abilities once their HP (hit points) reaches 25% or less. Despite being vulnerable to melee attacks due to their average swordplay, Falcon Knights are formidable enough to outlast Berseker attacks.

5 Mortal Savant

Mortal Savant displayed in Fire Emblem Three House

With a 3+ Reason and Sword proficiency, Mortal Savants are Master Classes that can not only use magic but deal considerable damage thanks to their awesome Swordfaire (+5 in strength) and Black Tomefaire (+5 Black Magic) skills. As such, Mortal Savants can increase HP by 20-40% and strength by 10-20%.

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Moreover, Mortal Savants have mastered the art of the Warding Blow, which grants 6 extra points of Resistance (Res) every time they are activated in combat. The powerful offensive class has Grade-A swordplay and B + Reason skills, making them hard to outwit and outmuscles in battle.

4 War Master

War Master displayed in Fire Emblem Three Houses

With unparalleled marks in Axemanship (A) and Brawling (A), War Master is an absolute beast in Three Houses. War Master will beat, batter, and brutalize foes with peerless brute force. Between that and his regenerative 20+ Critical Plus skill, very few enemies can take War Master out.

The only real deficiency War Master has is the lack of magical powers, which they easily compensate for with their Quick Riposte skill, as it increased their speed by 4x and ensures a follow-up attack while thwarting one from an enemy. Moreover, War Master’s Strike is a deadly Combat Art that incurs a massive 30+ hit on foes.

3 Wyvern Lord

Claude as a Wyvern Lord in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Wyvern Lords are often hailed by most Three Houses fans as a top 2 or 3 class in the game. Indeed, the ultra-powerful Master Class combines A-grade Flying with A-grade Axemanship, which is almost impossible to defend against. With inherent Canto, Avoid 10+ and Defiant Critical Skills to boot, Wyvern Lords simply possess a rare combo of strength and defense that cannot be matched.

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Aside from flying around the map without limitation, Wyvern Lords have zero weapon restrictions, which gives them great freedom to fortify themselves with a versatile arsenal most Master Classes are ill-afforded.

2 Gremory

Gremory displayed in Fire Emblem Three Houses

The Gremory Master Class is almost universally considered the best of the bunch in Three Houses. This is due to their excellent Faith and Reasoning grades (A) and exclusive ability to use Black, White, and Dark magic twice as powerful as any other class.

Indeed, only Gremories can cast double magic spells in three different forms and are also masterful in Defiant Magic, which will grant users 8 magic points when HP is at 25% or less. Literally twice as powerful as any other Master Class, Gremories also possess 10% Charm, up to 30% HP, and as much as 55% Res growth rates.

1 Dancer

Dancer displayed in Fire Emblem Three Houses

The only Unique Class to make the grade, Dancers are arguably the most valuable characters in the game. In addition to being able to use magic, Dancers are proficient in Authority (+2) and Swordplay (+2), which enables a fellow unit to perform their strongest skill twice per turn. As such, it’s one of the most influential supporting characters in the RPG.

When using the Special Dance skill, players will be granted an unparalleled combination of Dexterity, Speed, and Luck +4, which allows Dancers to use magical attacks at range, avoid sword damage, and remain untouchable for much of the battle.

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