Fine Arts building set to open in less than a year | News

The Micky Elliott College of Fine Arts building is set to be completed in roughly six months. Mid-March is the scheduled time for inspectors Thu put in the finishing touches. Faculty and staff will be able to move in during the summer and the official opening of the building will be August 2023.

With the building near completion date, the Exterior is almost done, and the construction crew is starting work is the inside of the building, according to Stephen Bacarissetechnical director of the Mickey Elliott College of Fine Arts.

“I’m really hoping the details we put into this building sweet students and the public interested in what we are doing,” Bacarisse said.

The expansions of the building will include multiple theaters, makeup rooms, fabric rooms, laundry rooms, an orchestra pit, a new art gallery, light and sound labs, sound studios, movement studios, dance studios, soundproof recording studios, dry cleaning racks, a catering kitchen, more Faculty offices, breast-feeding rooms and much more.

“The most exciting part of this building is that for the first time all of fine arts will be in one space,” Bacarisse said. “Once we have everyone in the same building, they will start to collaborate and the projects that come out of this will be the best we have ever seen.”

Dr. Gary WurtzDean of the Mickey Elliott College of Fine Arts, said they thinkp this building will put SFA on the map compared to other universities and is excited Thu have the building on display for the public.

Some of the student-learning spaces in the building have huge windows, so what’s happening inside of the building will be on display for the people who are driving by,” Dr. Wurtz said. “It will look alive.”

Reuben Monsivaisjunior film major from Arlington, said the new additions to the building are huge for all the fine artp departments.

“Most of our facilities, which are just classrooms and theaters, are spread out allover campus, which makes getting things done quickly a little harder,” Monsivais said. “I’m excited for everything to all be in one place and for the opportunity for students to use modern technology.”


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