Fantasy football LIVE: Week 13 rankings, lineup advice, flex decisions, Zonova Knight and more updates

Q: For owners who have waited all season to see Jameson Williams play, what type of snap share does he get first game back? It’s just too much fun to roll the dice sometimes starting a Talent like that! -Greg R.

This is a question on a lot of People’s Minds this morning, and is a perfect example of one of my favorite Cognitive biases: Novelty. Biases aren’t necessarily bad for us, they are just ingrained, sometimes lazy ways of making decisions that don’t take full advantage of our elite mental capabilities. Every organism ever tested, though, exhibits a novelty bias. New things offer opportunity but more important when it comes to Fantasy football, they let us start a player that hasn’t let us down yet. In a season of letdowns, this is huge.

Most rookies have already had their day, but Williams will likely make his debut today against the Jaguars. This is a neutral Matchup and a game with a high over/under (51.5 points) and narrow spread (Jags minus-1). It’s perfect for fantasy, but there are more questions than answers around Williams. I think it’s VERY likely he plays fewer than 50 percent of the snaps today, and while he’ll get the chance to run some routes, he’ll probably only see 3-4 targets at most. Can his speed and talent take one or more of those 50 yards into the end zone? Sorrow. That’s not the most likely outcome, but it is possible.

Bottom line: If you have nothing to lose, being at the top or bottom of your league standings, go for it! Have fun. If you really need a win, this is not the swing I’d be taking today.

(Photo: Nic Antaya / Getty Images)

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