Everything Kirby Smart said after Tuesday’s practice

On Zion Logue and Dan Jackson’s growth this season…

“I don’t even know where to start with Zion. He’s been a guy that sat behind the studs we had last year forever. I was laughing today because we had Bear [Alexander] and Christen [Miller] going down against the one offense and getting just drilled, and I was telling Bear and Christian, ‘You got you got to do it to get better,’ and Zion was just sitting there, and I said, ‘Ask Zion, he spent three years down there.’ They had three years of going against Jamaree [Salyer] and Justin [Shaffer], just every day. And now, he goes against the Scout Offensive line, and he’s over there making those guys better. But those young guys have to go over and rep, and Zion just spent a lot of time working at his craft getting better. He still has a lot of things he can improve on, but he’s not afraid to work at it. And Dan, same thing. Dan was an unknown that really worked his way to the point where he’s a contributor, he’s intelligent, he’s reliable.”

On keeping the Younger players focused…

“Oh, the tape does that. There’s success to you guys in statistics. There’s not necessarily success for us when you watch the tape and you caught a guy free, or you watch the tape and a guy didn’t do his job, he didn’t strike the right guy, we gave up a gap. There’s no perfect defense or perfect offense that we’ve played. We know that the Winner will ask what we did in the fall, and what we’re doing now is preparation for what is to come. And that includes getting better every day, regardless of who our opponent is. We’re not out there just getting ready for Kent State, we’re getting ready for the entire schedule we got. We want to get our players better. We’re trying to get guys better for the first game next year, because we got some guys that may not play this year. So we’re in the development business, and we do that really hard. We’re not caught up in statistics or where we are right now because it really doesn’t matter. They may get it outside from you guys and read it, but they’re not hearing about it over here.”

On if the team’s defense is helped from the offense’s field position…

“I don’t know. I think that the lead, the scoring on offense, has made other offenses play us differently. We haven’t been in one of those kinds of games yet, when you get into a two-score, three-score lead. Sometimes, it puts a lot of pressure on the other side of the ball and the offense. It allows you to play looser at times on defense too, but our guys go against that offense every day. So, it definitely prepares us better to go against good people. Our defense is preparing every day like they’re getting ready to play the best offense ever that week, because we know that they can be coming anytime in the future. We got a lot of guys that need to improve on defense. I continue to say that, you all continue to talk about defensive statistics, and I just keep talking about having to improve.”

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