Everybody’s Golf Servers Shut Down

The PlayStation sports simulation game Everbody’s Golf finally pulls the plug on its servers, shutting down for good after several years.

After several years of being online, Sony and PlayStation finally pull the plug on the servers of Everybody’s Golf. This was a sports game that was developed by Clap Hanz and Japan Studio, and published exclusively on the PlayStation 4 back in 2017. It was the twelfth game in the series, and it was reviewed quite well by fans and critics. Despite all the positivity this PS4 exclusive garnered, the game’s servers are finally shutting down after over five years of support.


As seen on the game’s official PlayStation Store page, Sony stated that Everybody’s Golf‘s Servers will be shut down on September 30, ceasing all online activity. The game can still be played in its offline single-player modes, but any Multiplayer online modes will no longer be accessible. With this game’s online experience now ending, many dedicated fans gathered one last time to hit a couple of rounds on the green.

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Several users on Twitter shared their online experiences, reminiscing about the game before its shutdown. Other players tried to get in their last moments with the game before everything was brought down. According to one user, there were at one point over 400 players all trying to play one last time. They noted despite it not being a very big community, the Dedication was still felt about this PlayStation exclusive.

Most notably, there were some players who went to play a couple of rounds of Everybody’s Golf to hopefully get all the trophies required to get its Platinum Trophy before it was too late. Considering that some of the trophies in the game require the player to participate in online matches, this Platinum is now impossible to obtain due to the shutdown. Despite the game’s popularity and dedicated following, a port of the game to Sony’s next-gen system hasn’t been done yet.

This pattern of Sony and PlayStation shuttering services and other game servers has been a recurring thing ever since last year. With Sony’s focus on the PS5, it’s been phasing out a lot of its older technology. This can be seen with the shutdown of online servers for two PS Vita exclusives and the attempted shutdown of the PS3 and PS Vita digital stores. It’s likely other PS4 online exclusives are going to get shut down at some point in the future too. Despite this game’s closure, Clap Hanz is still developing golf games, with Easy Come Easy Golf being released earlier this month for smartphones and the Nintendo Switch.

Everybody’s Golf is available now on PlayStation 4.

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