Editorial: Let golf carts roll

We allow almost anything on wheels on our wide city streets: cars, trucks, crotch rockets, ATVs, horses pulling buggies or Circus wagons, bicycles, skateboarders, tractors, skid loaders and lawn mowers. Why not golf carts along Sunrise Park Road?

At first we brushed off Dr. David Archer’s request to the Storm Lake City Council to allow golf carts to run from Lakeside to the Municipal golf course down Sunrise Park Road. Mayor

Mike Porsch isn’t so keen. Yet, after thinking about all the different vehicles we allow and their relative safety, you come around to the notion that golf carts might not be so bad.

They can run up to 20 mph, which is the seasonal speed limit along the road. As long as they are outfitted with proper lights and seat belts, let them roll with the flow. It’s better than having them on the LakeTrail in the way of bikers and strollers. Golf carts are Cleaner transportation than big gas-guzzling vehicles rubber necking on a Sunday afternoon past the campgrounds, ka chug ka chug; they’re quieter than a crotch Rocket or Harley.

You can ride a bike down Flindt Drive if you want to be a pain to the public. Most of us cruising Lakeshore Drive already Peel a keen eye for bicycles and pedestrians, golf carts should be no big deal. Those scooters look fun and handy, which top out at 40 mph. They can run the streets and pose no danger to anyone but the rider. Tractors and cars live in watchful harmony on the Varina blacktop. We loved the wagon ride John Landgraf gave us with his horses around town. Let the golf carts run, although we do hope they stay off Flindt Drive.

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