Dude Perfect… play baseball, football, hockey… at Augusta National?

Bryson DeChambeau on the 13th hole at Augusta National. With a billiards stick. Hitting a billiard ball.


He and his team have done their thing all over the world. But here? He was as shocked as you probably are.

“If you would have asked me what are the chances y’all would ever film an all-sports golf battle at Augusta National, I would have said zero,” Tyler Toney said. “But here we are.”

Believe it. At one of the most private golf clubs in the world, where next week’s Masters will be played, baseball bats were swung, vortex footballs were thrown and billiard sticks were hit from bellies. In another sign that Augusta National is unbuttoning its green jacket, the Dude Perfect team, a five-man group known well for their all-sports trick shots, recently played all-sports golf across Amen Corner, pro Bryson DeChambeau tagged along, and Saturday , they published a video of it all.

Stunned? You’re not alone. It wasn’t all that long ago where you couldn’t even watch the first nine holes at the Masters. Now Augusta National is on YouTube.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve never pulled a vortex out of your golf bag at Augusta National, then that’s everybody because no one’s done that, until right now,” said Corey Cotton, one of the members of the Dude Perfect team, on the video.

You can watch the 11-minute video below, where DeChambeau and the Dude Perfect team played different sports – baseball, football, tennis, kickball, volleyball, frisbee, foxtail, croquet, hockey and billiards – on holes 11, 12 and 13 at Augusta .

It also gave us this: DeChambeau, with a tennis racket, hooked his tee shot on 11.

“Did the jitters get to you? You can be honest, ”Toney asked DeChambeau.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Way more nervous than actually, you know, the Masters. I yelled fore, so that’s a good thing “

“Yep, that is. You’ve been working on that, ”Toney said.

“I’ve been doing a great job,” DeChambeau said.

Nick Piastowski

Nick Piastowski

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