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WARREN – Council members, at the urging of city officials, unanimously approved an emergency measure Wednesday to proceed with repairing Golf Drive, part of which is collapsing.

Safety Service Director Eddie Colbert said because the road has deteriorated in several sections, he is concerned the vehicle will go over the side and into the 4- to 5-foot ditch, especially at night. Colbert received an email from Warren City Schools Superintendent Steve Chiaro, who will not allow school buses on the road until the situation is fixed.

“I am very concerned someone may go over the side of the road and get seriously hurt if something is not done quickly. It has to be addressed now and is why I am asking for emergency authorization. This is a true emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. There could be bodily harm to someone whose vehicle goes over the side, ” Colbert said, noting he has been in contact with three companies who could begin work immediately at costs between $ 86,000 and $ 90,000.

The road runs north to south alongside the Trumbull Country Club golf course.

Third Ward Councilman Greg Greathouse got one side of the road in a very bad condition and anyone on a bike or in a vehicle could be at risk.

“The one side of the road is collapsing into a rather steep ditch. If the rest collapses and you are in a vehicle there, you will go over, too. It is an accident waiting to happen, ” Greathouse said.

Colbert said if work begins Monday, it could be completed within a week.

Officials said the Golf Drive has deteriorated by several feet, making the road more narrow.

Engineer Paul Makosky said the shoulder is not there on parts of the road. They got a shoulder must be created and graded in, noting the road was paved about five years ago.

He got a 2-foot shoulder is needed to help stabilize the edge of the road.

Councilwoman Cheryl Saffold, D-6th Ward, said she and other council members wished they would have been shown photos or a video or have gone to the location to see what has happened to better understand the situation.

“I really need to see this for myself,”she said, noting she was voting for the emergency measure.

“I would not be coming and asking the council for this if it was not an immediate emergency. We can’t wait any longer, ”Colbert said.

They said the situation is similar to sink holes that appear and can’t be delayed in getting fixed.

Helen Rucker, D-at Large, said while she understands the need for immediate action on repairing Golf Drive, quick action is needed on burned and unsafe houses in the city, including one on Palmyra Road that needs to be taken down.

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