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With many other sports, practice will begin each day with a light jog and some stretching, but archery practice at Cornerstone Christian Academy begins with a quiz. Head coach Robert Griffith gathered a group of young archers around a foam deer and asked them to tell him how many points each section of the target was worth.

After each member of the group went through the targets, they all stepped back and, one by one, fired at the target, all hitting their marks.

Many of these same archers have already proven themselves on the state and national level, leading to a high level of prestige for the Cornerstone Crusaders archery team.

“We’ve just been blessed with good students that love archery,” Griffith said. “We have a lot of boys and girls that have been very competitive. I love archery and it makes me feel so good to be able to pass that love onto them. ”

Over the past few years, and especially recently, the Crusaders have racked up the accolades with many of their archers placing well, and even winning, highly-competitive events. This spring, 17 different archers placed in the top six in their grade level at the North Carolina RSC Championship or the North Carolina S3DA Championship, including 10 archers that placed first.

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CJ Griffith, who has already won nine national championships in his years of archery, won both championships in his age division. Arabella Rapp claimed the S3DA championship with a perfect score. Michael Doby and Matthew Lackey also won a championship at the S3DA tournament. At the team level, the elementary school team also won the S3DA state championship.

Winners at the S3DA tournament don’t just go home with the trophy, they also win scholarship money to go toward their college education.

“It’s nice to see the fruits of their labor pay off in the form of scholarships,” said Renee Griffith, principal of Cornerstone Christian. “A lot of these students will have opportunities to go to college because of archery.”

At the North Carolina RSC tournament, Cambrie Hobbs, Ellie Palmer, Harmony Toney and Dorian Zaccardelli all took home first place in their respective age group.

Griffith, Lackey, Palmer, Toney, Hobbs and Zaccardelli will also be competing in an international competition in May, joined by fellow teammates Ashley Buchanon, John Carter Matheson and Mackenzie Kitts.

According to Coach Griffith, those on the archery team have also improved in the classroom.

“Archery is a very focused sport,” he said. “Teachers will tell you that the kids on the archery team are more focused on their schoolwork.”

The Crusaders archery team also welcomes all comers to their ranks, with Griffith encouraging all students to come out and at least get a bow in their hands for an afternoon to see how they like it.

“You’re always going to have kids that try it and don’t like it, just like any sport,” he said. “But we have just as many that really enjoy it and just love shooting. Some of those are just natural. Anyone can help our team. ”

With the success the Crusaders have had recently, those that come out might even turn into tournament winners.


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