Cornell Council for the Arts Hosts Fifth Cornell Biennial: “Futurities, Uncertain”

The Cornell Council for the Arts is hosting its fifth Cornell Biennial with a rotating series of exhibitions, installations, performances and artist panels through December. Exhibited across the University campus, Ithaca and surrounding Upstate regions, as well as the Cornell Tech campus in New York City, this year’s show centers around the theme: “Futurities, Uncertain”.

The Featured Creators include Invitational artists, Affiliates of the Mellon Public Curatorial Expression Program, as well as Cornell Faculty and students who participated in the CCA’s open call competition for artwork submissions this past winter.

According to Prof. Timothy Murray, comparative literature, curator of the past three biennials and director of the CCA, the arts show aims to reorient traditional thinking about the future that is often based on preconceived notions.

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