Colossi 13-16 Locations And Strategies

The last four bosses in Shadow Of The Colossus are, predictably, some of the trickiest to defeat. You’ll need expert horsemanship, archery, and climbing skills to have any chance of bringing them down. They’re also some of the most fun fights in the game, and beating each one really feels like an accomplishment.

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If you need some extra help slaying the mightiest creatures of the Forbidden Land, this guide has everything you need. Read on to find out how to reach and destroy the final four Colossi in this masterpiece of a game.

While the Colossi do not have official names, fans use nicknames to refer to each one. For ease of reference, this guide will refer to the Colossi by those nicknames.

The Thirteenth Colossus – Phalanx


Ride southwest from the Shrineusing the same route you took to reach Beard, the Sixth Colossus. Continue southwest through the forest, and you’ll reach a natural bridge spanning a wide chasm. On the far side of the bridge is a vast desert – use the bright sunlight to follow your sword’s beam to Phalanx.



Phalanx flies far out of reach and will ignore any attempts to get his attention. Remain mounted and gallop to keep pace with the Colossus. From underneath Phalanx, use your bow to shoot the three air sacs on his underside. They will darken and deflate when they’ve been hit.

If you can’t seem to hit Phalanx’s air sacs, try aiming just ahead of them so that the arrow arrives at the sac’s future location.

When all three sacs are deflated, Phalanx will temporarily lose altitude and lower his wings. Ride alongside the Colossus at full speed and jump from the saddle onto Phalanx’s wings.

Climb up the wing to reach Phalanx’s back. It’s critically important that you don’t fall off from this point forward, as you do won’t survive the fall. Pay attention to Phalanx’s movements – if he starts to swerve back and forth, hold onto his fur as he is about to roll in midair to try and shake you off.

Phalanx has three fins on his back, at roughly the same position as each of the air sacs below, each with a sigil underneath it. Move along his back to each sigil in turn and destroy it – be prepared for the Colossus to react to your attacks and hold on as necessary.

After you’ve been on Phalanx’s back for a while, the fins will flatten, obstructing the sigils. This indicates that Phalanx is about to dive underneath the sand. Wait until the last second then jump off to survive the descent. As soon as you’re on the ground, call Agro and prepare to shoot out the air sacs once more.

When all three sigils on Phalanx’s back are destroyed, he will fall from the sky defeated.

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The Fourteenth Colossus – Cenobia


Take the westward land bridge north of the shrine and turn right as you did when hunting the Ninth Colossus, Basaran. Continue northwest until you come to a pass through the cliffs. This pass will take you further northwest – keep left at the first fork and you’ll eventually come to a road marked with pillars.

Follow the road and turn left at the first fork, which will lead you into a cave. Dismount and swim across the lake within. On the other side, follow the tunnel deeper until you come to a large set of ruins.

Make your way down and to the left, where Cenobia stands guard. Once you approach her temple, she will attack immediately.


Like Celosia, Cenobia will charge at you whenever she has the chance. Climb atop the ruins to stay above ground level.

From on top of the rubble, look for round pillars that you can climb. From the tops of these, fire arrows at the Colossus to get her to attack. When Cenobia strikes a pillar twice, it will fall, opening a new pathway for you.

Continue baiting Cenobia into knocking down pillars, each one leading you to your next target. Be sure to grab the edge of a pillar in the likely event that her impact causes Wander to lose his balance.

After the fifth pillar is destroyed, it will give you enough of a bosst to climb the square tower nearby, which you can use to reach the sixth pillar. Destroying the sixth pillar smashes a nearby wallallowing you to reach a new area.

Climb the wall on the far side of the new chamber and stand on the crate on the platform above. When Cenobia destroys the pillar underneath you it will cause the structure to collapse on top of her, destroying her armor.

With Cenobia’s back exposed, leap onter her from above and stab her sigil until she dies. This part of the fight is almost identical to the final phase of Celosia’s battle earlier in the game, save that there is more ground to navigate if you’re shaken off.

The Fifteenth Colossus – Argus


Ride north of the Shrine using either of the northbound land bridges. Follow the main bridge as far north as you can, and turn right at the northern edge of the map. You’ll see a ruined fortress to the east.

Go through the main entrance and dismount so you can climb over the fallen pillar blocking your path. Continue forward and climb the large staircase on the far side of the first chamber. At the top, you’ll see a row of thick columns – pass through them to reach Argus ’domain. The Colossus will emerge when you arrive at the far side of the arena.


Argus will attack you immediately when the battle begins, so retreat the way you came and stand on the stone tiles on either side of the arena. Wait there for Argus to try to stomp you and dodge his attack.

While Argus’ hoof is on the tile, part of the floor will be raised up. Use this to reach the stairs that lead to second tier of the ruins.

Once you’re higher up, look for some fallen stones – an attack from Argus will cause more stones to fall, creating a path for you to climb higher. If Argus isn’t paying attention to you, shoot at him until he swings his sword. The ruins will protect you from the attack – just don’t fall!

Climb the newly-fallen stones to reach the topmost level. From here, you can reach the arches that connect the two sides of the arena. Stand near the edge of one and get Argus’ attention again with arrows. The objective here is to lure the Colossus into destroying the arch.

Don’t stand in the middle of either arch – if Argus destroys it while you’re there, you’ll fall back to the bottom level and take damage.

With the arch destroyed, wait for Argus to pass by and jump onto his head (A). There is a sigil there that can be easily destroyed, but be sure not to get thrown off.

After destroying the sigil on top of the Colossus’ head, recover your grip then move to his right shoulder. Climb down his arm and look for a weak spot just above the elbow (B). Stab it to make Argus drop his sword.

WIth Argus’ sword no longer in his hand, his final sigil is exposed on his right palm (C). Drop back to the ground and taunt Argus into attacking you with his fist – when he does so, you’ll be able to jump into his palm and deliver the killing blow.

On Hard Mode, Argus has a third sigil on the left side of his chest (D). Destroy it before attempting to climb down the Colossus’ arm for best results.

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The Final Colossus – Malus


Ride southeast from the Shrine using the same path you took to reach Koromori, the lizard-like Eighth Colossus. As before, enter the pass through the cliffs but this time turn right at the other side.

Ride south, following the sword’s beam to keep yourself on course. When you reach a giant door in the cliffside, shine the sword’s light on the center of it to open the way forward.

Climb the stairs beyond and cross the bridge at the top. Since it will begin to collapse as soon as you begin crossing, you’ll need to ride full-speed on Agro to reach the other side.

After the cutscene at the far end of the bridge, climb the wall in front of you. You’ll need to move back and forth along the face of it, first to the right to climb a moss-covered section then to the left to find the tunnel through.

At the end of the tunnel, climb the pillars to either side of you. At the top, you’ll find yourself confronting Malus.


Malus will start shooting fireballs at you immediately when the fight begins. Take cover behind rubble and in the tunnels below as you approach to keep yourself from getting hit.

To the right of your starting position is a hole that drops into a tunnel – use it to close the distance between yourself and Malus. At the other end, climb back up to the surface and move from cover to cover to your right until you find another tunnel entrance. Malus’s attacks come quickly, so don’t delay.

After the second tunnel you’ll be able to climb along the outside of the cliff face overlooking the ocean. Malus can’t hit you here, but he’ll still shoot in your direction.

After traversing the cliffs you’ll find a third tunnel which allows you to climb upward to Malus’ base. Once again, use the barriers to your right to evade Malus’ shots on your way to the fourth and final tunnel entrance.

At the end of the fourth tunnel you’ll see a wall straight ahead that you can use to begin your ascent up Malus’ pedestal. You’re too close for Malus to attack at this point, so take your time as you look for ridges and platforms to make your way up.

When you reach Malus’ midsection, you’ll find a green mark that you can stab on his lower back (A). Your attack will cause the Colossus to reach toward you – jump backward to his hand (B) and hold on tightly as Malus moves and shakes his arm.

When you have enough stability to do so, stab Malus’ hand even though there isn’t a sigil present. This will cause him to flatten out his hand long enough for you to regain your balance and run up his arm.

Don’t touch the glowing bands around either of Malus’ arms. Instead, stab the green mark on his bicep (C) and Malus will bring his opposite hand over to you. Once again, jump to the hand (D) and hang on.

Stab Malus’ hand to get him to flatten it out, then shoot the exposed flesh on his opposite shoulder (E). He will bring the hand you’re currently riding over to the wound, allowing you to jump onto his shoulder and reach his head (F). On top of Malus’ head you’ll find his only sigil – destroy it to defeat the final Colossus and complete the game.

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